2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


Awesome - and that’s even if I just buy the ordinary blu-ray, not the 4K blu ray?

I don’t have a 4k TV right now and don’t want to pay extra for 4K blu-rays, but I figure the 4K digital versions will be nice to have once I do eventually get one.


The EVO+ doesn’t always go on sale, but there will be plenty, gazillion, sales on these types of cards from now thru Monday. No worries!


If it’s a studio that MA supports and the movie is on iTunes, you will get it there in 4k.


Perfect. Thanks!


There is a quirk with iTunes 4k that I’ve noticed in my experience. I have to dig up the link later, but iTunes 4k needs to be either: a 4k purchase (UHD disc or quality on, say, Vudu) that gets matched on iTunes, OR, an iTunes HD redemption that gets upgraded to 4k.

If you buy a regular Blu-ray but redeem on MA or Vudu, the movie itself will be playable on iTunes, but be considered a secondary purchase and NOT quality for a free upgrade to 4k. To ensure an iTunes 4k upgrade, you should redeem the code on iTunes DIRECTLY to get the iTunes bump, and then iTunes talks to MA to be useable on other devices/services.

The extra weirdness is that in iTunes, you’re told the maximum quality AVAILABLE, but you don’t get confirmation of what quality on iTunes until you play the movie on a compatible device.

My use cases that illustrate these quirks:
I have a UHD code of Wonder Woman. I redeemed on VUDU, and because it’s also available in 4k on iTunes, it matches. The iTunes listing says 4k Dolby Vision, and when I play it on my Apple TV 4k on my OLED, I get 4k Dolby Vision.
I have a regular Blu-ray copy of War for the planet of the apes. I redeem on Vudu. It’s HD on Vudu, and gets added to my iTunes library. Because I redeemed it on Vudu, it’s not considered an iTunes purchase, and I did not get a free 4k upgrade. The extra annoyance: when I look at the movie in iTunes, it tells me 4k HDR is available, but when I play the movie itself, it plays only on HD. So what I should have done is redeemed it directly on iTunes first to get a free iTunes 4k upgrade.

Net/net: if you’re buying a UHD movie, it should be 4k everywhere. If you’re buying a Blu-ray, redeem the code on iTunes to get the free 4k upgrade, and iTunes will also add it on HD to your other MA services.

If anyone bought a normal Blu-ray, redeemed the code on either Vudu or MA, and got the 4k bump in iTunes during playback, I’d love to hear it!

Note: Reddit link (lol) with supposed info from Apple that maps to my experience above: https://www.reddit.com/r/appletv/comments/77gax4


Thanks for that info. I’ll see which codes are included in the discs I just purchased. But if I can’t get 4K out of them it’s not the end of the world - these are $4-6 purchases after all! I can’t complain too much.


Nice I have one for the game room, getting a second for the living room.


Any deals on a high end Roku?


ok so i ended up buying a french fry cutter and the Philips air fryer… lol well i don’t impulse buy too often might as well be black fridayish


Think I’ll end up with this card for my Switch. ~6 hours left on the deal as of this post.



Posting here too: You can get an $100 Xbox gift card for $80. Or maybe every $200 for $160.

Good for games / movies.


Does that work on the Microsoft store? I just purchased an x box bundle, but if this work, I can cancel, get the x box gift card and buy the bundle, and save myself 40 dollars.


Yep they will, the online Microsoftstore.com site. I don’t think they work in the retail stores (yet)


Microsoft is still supporting the OS with patches. Windows 10 Phone is a “full version” already.


Not sure that’s a great bargain.


I purchased one today via Prime Now, and it was in my hot little hands in 2 hours. The primary reason I’m going to use it is as a voice command interface for Spotify.


Good Damn the store is annoying. So, I’m trying to cancel my original order so that I can reorder it with the xbox gift cards. Since it’s pending, I can’t cancel it, but I can’t reorder the bundle until I cancel it because I used a ton of MS store credit on the original bundle.





I’m still chatting on the MS website trying to cancel my order. He insisted that I had to wait for the delivery to cancel the order, which is not what their website says. What the hell Microsoft.

I’m pretty close to cancelling the purchase altogether. Maybe I’ll get a PS 4 instead.


And now, in order to cancel the purchase, I have to go through my bank???/