2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


I’m surprised there are still people (around here) that don’t know about the wirecutter.

The other day somebody at work slacked me, without context, “what’s that one website you always use?” It was wirecutter of course, which I figured out after only a couple of seconds of confusion.


Don’t forget, Wirecutter has a sister site SweetHome, which does the same thing for non-tech stuff.


I think The Sweet Home was folded into The Wirecutter recently


I wanted to second the thanks for mentioning directed. Great site that I didn’t know about.


Yep the Sweethome merged with the Wirecutter. It’s all on one site now.


There’s a bunch of Anker battery packs on Amazon’s deal of the day right now. Look like good deals, but I’m wondering if I actually have a use for them.


How can you not have a use for battery packs? I have two of them in my bag right now.


Everybody’s use pattern differs. I only take battery packs when I’m traveling, personally.


It was mentioned in a previous Black Friday ad discussion elsewhere, but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is $29 at Walmart.

Also, Soldam, a retail Switch remake of an obscure arcade puzzle game, is on sale for $12 (normally $30) at one of the big-box retailers, I can’t remember which…or $10 on the US eShop, which was a much easier choice than fighting through Best Buy or whatever on Black Friday. (That said, I was in and out of Walmart in five minutes getting Mario + Rabbids a few minutes ago, so maybe it’s not the worst by now.)


Not on sale but I really like this battery pack because the cords are built in:


It also has a micro cable built in


But everyone travels sometimes.


I got the $119 Paperwhite for $90. My Kindle 4’s lack of a backlight was a hindrance, and I had a small screen blemish that looked exactly like an apostrophe driving me nuts.


What air fryer did you get, been looking at those.


Coincidentally, we used an air / infrared fryer for our turkey last night. It took so much longer than simply roasting it would have. The end result was really good, but beware of caveats when trying to cook something like a huge 15 pound turkey.


I’m the same way. It’s pretty rare I’m away from power, so I only bring it to conferences and the like where I expect to need it. It’s not even in my EDC bag.


Don’t miss the charger I linked to up-thread:


I ordered the one on the wire cutter list… It seemed to have good reviews and it’s bloody well endorsed by Gordon Ramsey


Huh cool I was just thinking fries lol… Maybe I’ll try chicken wings


Not exactly a ringing endorsement from them:

I so want air fryers to work well, but every time I’m on the verge of buying one, I do a bit more research, and it never turns out particularly positive.


Lol that sounds bad we’ll see how it goes