2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


They basically are convection ovens with IR elements and much less space, as I understand it. Looks like a crappy gadget that will take up space in your garage for decades until eventually your kids find it after you die while cleaning out the house and try to sell it in a garage sale for $1 but even up throwing out asking why Mom & Dad bought that piece of shit in the first place.


That’s grim, but realistic.

I went to the mall today for lunch, looked at a few things and thought: “I’d be saving money buying this on sale, but I’d be saving even more money not buying it at all, plus I’d have one less gadget to store.”


I love mine, and everybody I know who has one loves theirs as well. It’s perfect for making french fries or any other frozen snack food. It’s not much slower than a microwave, and the results are obviously far superior. It’s faster than a deep fryer (if you account for preheating), and far safer and less messy, smelly, and expensive in the long run.

I actually haven’t even ventured too far yet, but I’ve heard good things about cooking all sorts of different foods using one (even steak).


Yep, on topic, bought the acti-fry at Walmart mostly because it was more than $100 off. Marketing / whatever aside, at the end of the day they make decent home fries, and the acti-fry does it without a lot of intervention so we can manage the starving monster toddlers.


Do they work for French fries from regular potatoes?


Another Q on this.

If I get a code for UltraViolet or if I’m told to redeem on “UniversalDigitalCopy”, can I instead redeem those codes directly in iTunes as you’re suggesting?


Hey I’m not sure if your post is cynical or legitimate :) but yes, decent fries from regular potatoes. About as good as pub fries I’d say, and healthier. We bought a hand fry cutter thing, so maybe a minute of prep time per batch of fries.


I think so. I say just try iTunes direct first. It’ll either go into iTunes and talk to other services via Movies Anywhere, or it’ll give you an error and tell you to redeem elsewhere. Use UniversalDigitalCopy and it should give you an iTunes option.

Main thing is to not try Movies Anywhere first.


So I’m getting the impression air fryers cook french fries… Does anyone cook anything else in it? Because it seems like a pretty expensive option for a dedicated french fry cooker.


Thanks. I’ll report back with my results once I get these movies I ordered yesterday.


I went a little crazy should probably return some of this but

Injustice 2 20
Resident evil 15
Just cause 3 15
Shadow of Mordor 2 29
Titanfall 2 15
Mass Effect Andromeda 15
Gears of War 4 15
Ghost Recon 15

Any of these not worth playing?


Yes yes I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter


So I received my Fire HD 10… installed play store, set up nova prime as the launcher
using Launcher Hijack:

Loaded up with my go to apps, very nice. It would be nicer to root it at some point and completely decrapify it, but a great deal for ~$100 thumbs up


Keep Titanfall 2, dump the rest.


iTunes $100 for $85 (email delivery) with iTunes15 code

I tried that and bought $100 but when I want to buy another $100, that code didn’t work anymore. Maybe it is per account.


Well, what other fried foods do you like? It will do them as well as fries.


I.e., poorly.


The bigger infrared fryers that are propane based are awesome though. I only stopped using my Big Easy IR Oilless fryer because of my electric smoker, but before that I would use it a ton, especially on big turkeys on Thanksgiving (and it definitely took less time than in the oven, and came out much better).


I wonder if they convert to the Apple marvelous alternate dimension of currency exchange, meaning those 100 bucks would turn into 120 euros or something.


No, that iTunes code will only be redeemable in iTunes US Stores, so you need a US account.