2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


For a limited time while supplies last, save $15 when you spend $100.00 or more on select App Store & iTunes Email Gift Cards offered by ACI Gift Cards Inc., an Amazon company. Enter the code ITUNES15 at checkout to receive discount. 1 per customer. Enter code ITUNES15 at checkout.

That said, if you want to send me $85 via some electronic method I’ll buy you one - I don’t have any particular use for it but I’d take the credit card points.


Thanks for the offer. I didn’t read the one per customer and out of curiosity, I wonder if I put in $200, will I get $30 off? Anyway, I’m contend. This will go into Game if Thrones :)


Injustice 2 is great against a friend.
Resident Evil… is that 7? First RE that hasn’t made me want to throw my controller.
Just Cause 3 – Not as good as 2, but certainly way more than $15 of fun causing chaos
Shadow of Mordor 2 – great game, though I haven’t gotten far into it yet
Titanfall 2 – Ironically given Brian’s advice below, the one I didn’t get into, because I’m not a fan of platformers and it’s a shooter platformer
ME: Andromeda – Despite the flak it caught, I really enjoyed it and finished it. (Though I skipped a buttload of side missions.) Not as good as the original trilogy, but still fun.
Gears 4 - Nice refinement of the series and bloody stunning on an Xbox One X.
Ghost Recon - is that Wildlands? I haven’t played it, but my teenager liked it.

Not like you to drive by with advice like that, Brian. Especially since I’m assuming you haven’t even played Gears – your only console is PS4, right? Ironically, the only game you liked is the only one I didn’t. :)


Why do you put it that way? My experience with Injustice 2 is that it’s a great single-player fighting game thanks to the multiverse and loot chase.

But, yes, also great against a friend!



Dishonored 2 is $8.45 on CDKeys.com after entering CDKEYSBLACK10 for an additional 10% off.


My bad! I should have said “I’ve only tried the multiplayer so far, against my teenager, but I can at least say that part of the game is great.”

So many games, so little time! Looking forward to trying the single-player eventually.


Thanks for the heads up!


No steam or PS 4 sales for me this BF.

Final x tally:
Agents of mayhem
Dead rising 4
Ff 15
Forza horizon 3
Injustice 2 ultimate
Madden 18
Shadow of War Gold
Tom Clancy wild lands
Wolfenstein new colossus

Holding off till next sale:
South Park (I want the full game not just base)
Mortal Kombat X (XL version only)
Biohazard RE 7 (have it on PS4)
Tekken 7 (all DLC version only!)
Evil Within 2
COD WW2 (meh discount)
Forza 7 ultimate


Let’s play some Injustice 2!


Doesn’t look like UltraVilot codes redeem anywhere which directly gives out an iTunes key. I can use UV’s site or MoviesAnywhere but that’s about it.


Hmm. Movies Anywhere will give you a copy to play on iTunes; it’s the free 4K upgrade that’s tricky to navigate.


French fries coming online! Don’t be jelly



OMG totes jelly!


ICYMI the Dolby Atmos headphone codec is on sale 20% off for Xbox. Highly recommended!


I had one of those fryers once. It got so nasty. Don’t be like me, clean it regularly!


Well, I’ve been trying for the last several days to buy some of the discounted PSN games, but get a generic “error has occurred” message each time. Guess Sony just doesn’t want my money.

Pity, because I would have liked to get Yakuza 0 for 50% off. Oh well.


I’ve gotten that on occasion. A quick fix can be buying enough PSN credit from Amazon, adding it to your wallet and then checking out.


Half off at Gamestop


Not as good as the last one but close… ish.

with Amazon be sure to check for fake or grey market items.


Ok my air fryer didn’t show up today! Delicious golden crispy fries on hold; grumpy Prime customer takes action: