2017 Frame Game


A new year, and a new thread. Here we will regale each other with increasingly obscure game frames, because we have some people here who play way too many games. Some of you are simply too good!

EDIT: the frame master list

To start off the the year we have @rhamorim

2016 Game Frame Game

I’ll post something in 12 hours or so, if that’s OK. ;)


Ok, so let’s start 2017 with an easy one. :)


Darkest Dungeon?




I feel I should know that…




The Guillermo Del Torro version of Ocarina of Time where Navi goes crazy and reveals she has been the Zodiac Killer all along?

Serious guess, I’ll say Darksiders whatever the remastered edition was that just came out. That’s basically Zelda with a veneer of Frank Frazetta.


Legend of Zelda


No right guesses so far, so here it goes frame #2!


That guess was so right and at the same time so wrong. I wish I could give you bonus points for that. ;)


So pretty much just like when you guessed Twilight Princess then. I’m cool with that :D

As for this? Uhh, maybe Dishonored 2?


That’s what I was going to say, and I’ve never played it! I’ve played Dishonored 1 so I’ll say that in-case it is ;)


Nice guesses, but it’s neither.


Bioshock Infinite?




It’s not Bioshock Infinite (I like the guess though!), and it’s not Darksiders (which was guessed already by @CraigM ).


Haha, damn, that must have subconsciously been where my guess came from. That or I just don’t believe you.


Gone Home?


Kinda reminds me of The Room Three, maybe?