2017 Frame Game


So little - though the colors and art do remind me a little of something. Maybe Clockwork Empires?


Sorry, but I have a limited number of things to reveal here.

And not Clockwork Empires.


Railroad Tycoon 2?


Oh, heh, I mean resolution/size.


Not my screen, so had to do the best with what I had. Lets just say most screenshots were not… visually appealing.



Hah. I’ve played the game to the (cliffhangerish) finish and I didn’t recognize that, even if it did look a lot familiar. :)


Dungeon Siege?


Derby Stallion 3D


Master of Magic, town view?


Children of the Nile?


Some kind of 3d Desert Strike? e.g. Nuclear Strike?


Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin?


Nope nope, nobody has it yet.

@Pod that scene towards the end of Nuclear Strike, with the football field? Some memorable and haunting stuff. If you’ve played it, you know what I mean.


No idea but I’ll take a guess at an older builder…

Settlers… 2?


I’ve never actually played Nuclear Strike. But the little tent looks like the ones in Desert Strike, but 3D, so I combined the ideas!

And now they explosion look familiar. As does the landing pad thingy.

Warzone 2050 (or wahtever the year was)?


It’s an old game, but I’ll put spoilers to be nice

There is a mission in Washington DC. About halfway through a timer starts and you have to try and quickly gather supplies and drop them off inside a football stadium. You also can choose to try and rescue people and drop them off. Then the nuke goes off.

The second half of the mission is in the blasted out city, and you see glowing irradiated people, that you didn’t save, running around the city whenever a building gets destroyed. It was oddly affecting.[/spoiler]


Combat Mission… uh… Beyond Overlord?


AH-64D Longbow?

Almost certain it’s not, but we all need to guess. :)


Could be flight sim, but maybe Terra Nova?


You’re all pointing in interesting directions, but nobody is in the right one yet. Not fully at least.