2017 Frame Game


I looked this up, seems interesting. Where do you suggest to start, are the four(?) games independent story-wise?


All 4 in order, the first 3 are the complete story, 4th picks up afterwards…

Also its your lucky day, the first 3 are in this bundle (5$ tier):


Sad fact, I own Valiant Hearts: The Great War on both PC and Android and haven’t played it yet…


I loved Valiant Hearts.

For Deponia, a word of caution. I have seen several reviewers express concerns about the series due to unpleasant humour and inappropriate depiction of women. I don’t want to derail the game with a discussion of Deponia, but I thought I’d better make sure there was at least one mention of this.

Anyway, here’s a new frame, freshly captured:


The name of the game is in the file name, which is displayed when you mouse over it. I won’t guess - I wouldn’t have known it anyways :-)


You had me worried there for a moment. That’s not the name of the game, unless you’re seeing something quite different to me.

Have another frame. I assure you it’s not identical to the last one:




Slayaway Camp?


Oh, very nice guess!


Oh, OK. This picture has a different name to it - so I guess it isn’t the name of the game.


That it is.

Fun little puzzle game with an unusual theme. Takes a while to get tricky, but there are some good brainburners later on.

Anyway, take it away @nijimeijer.


Okay; apologies for the poor resolution. Partly due to capture from a video, partly due to old game graphics.


Looks Build Engine-ish.

I’ll take Blood for $500, Alex.




Dark Forces 2 - Jedi Knight?


Rise of the Triad


Not any of those.




Have we done good ol’ Duke Nuke’em 3D?


Next frame


Tony Hawk Pro Skater?