2017 Frame Game


Original Homefront?






Not enough UI scraps?


Crackdown, uh, 2? Are there even two?


Good question, but it’s not any Crackdown game.

This is going to go downhill real fast with the next image so this is the last chance to snag a guess before the game gets a hundred times more obvious.


Okay, then.


Zentradi vs Chouans


Not enough mechaplanes.


Wolfenstein: The New Order


Crysis 3?


No, but Crysis 3 is the best guess so far.




(Edit) Removing guess as a “nope” isn’t the same as posting the next frame! Whoops!


The Division: French Revolution


Battlefield 1942


Friendly reminder that a rule of the game is only one guess per person per frame, not that I want to be a jackass about it.

That said:


Call of Duty: Whatever. Future Infinite Warrior whatever its called, space pew pew.

Edit: COD: IW


Okay now I’ll add my guess, since the new frame is here - COD: BlOps III!


Chicken dinner! Blops III, easily the most popular game I’ve ever done a frame for, but most people probably don’t stop to admire the scenery in the multiplayer maps. That usually means death.

All yours when you’re ready, @nijimeijer.