2017 Frame Game


There were others :O


Somebody Modestly Famous Combat Football (2000?)


close! so close!


Weedball 2?


Rha, you are killing me. It was M.U.D.S., an Amiga fantasy balling game with management and stuff we never cared about because we were mashing buttons, to the point of making the Amiga fail. I launched it again, and unlike Speedball and the likes, I thought it was still charming and holding up, with pretty smooth controlls.
I had a very hard time remembering that lame name: I had mentionned the game on the lost game name thread, but it just came back to me last month.

I’ll be back with something else…



I played Speedball 2 and Brutal Sports Football but never heard of M.U.D.S.!






I see no wood in that screenshot, but I am still gonna say Darkwood?


Killing Floor?




Nope: the screen renders a lot darker than what it looked like on my screen (?), for some reason.


That’s pretty normal. Lots of games (most?) don’t take the ingame brightness setting into account when taking screenshots. Same with Steam’s screenshot ability, I think. Captured at default/base level brightness.

That said, I’m at a loss as to what this game could be. Ah well.


Door kickers?




Neon Chrome?


I am free!

My intent was to capture the sheer mayhem you can generate in the later office levels, but I picked the wrong elevator, and was time constrained, hence that boring shot.
Also thought Jydge would come first, given its actuality.



The frame had a lot of not-neon, which threw me off, but something about it looked just familiar enough. I’ll have a new frame up later tonight or tomorrow morning.