2017 Frame Game


That’s pretty normal. Lots of games (most?) don’t take the ingame brightness setting into account when taking screenshots. Same with Steam’s screenshot ability, I think. Captured at default/base level brightness.

That said, I’m at a loss as to what this game could be. Ah well.


Door kickers?




Neon Chrome?


I am free!

My intent was to capture the sheer mayhem you can generate in the later office levels, but I picked the wrong elevator, and was time constrained, hence that boring shot.
Also thought Jydge would come first, given its actuality.



The frame had a lot of not-neon, which threw me off, but something about it looked just familiar enough. I’ll have a new frame up later tonight or tomorrow morning.






Obviously Graystatic 4: Shades of Static. Try something less obvious, SB!


The Long Dark?


It is not Graytastic 4: Shades of Static – I only played the first two, and I’m worried to jump into the fourth in case there’s some story I miss out on by not playing 3.

Not any of the others, either.


Knytt Underground?


Max Payne 2 (comic book story scene)?




Even though I haven’t played it the palette reminds me of the screens I’ve seen from This War of Mine




No correct guesses yet!


Fran Bow?


Ori and the Blind Forest played on a monochrome monitor? ;)