2017 Frame Game




The barrels look familiar , I will investigate more after Tom stream tonight.


Looks like Salt and Sanctuary somewhat.


Not just somewhat – ALLwhat.

Salt and Sanctuary is a dreary game! @rhamorim is up!



But… busy, busy day ahead. I won’t be able to post anything today, I’m afraid. Does anyone want to take my turn here to keep the game going? If so, thank you!


Apparently not. Consider this a bump, for some one to go and/or a poke at @rhamorim if no one’s willing.


If @rhamorim doesn’t get one up by later tonight, I will.

For love of the game! Ok here we go, super easy to get the game going again.




AC Syndicate?


I suspect editing your previous post meant the thread didn’t appear as changed, so no-one noticed there was a new frame up.


Shakes tiny fist

Playing this now and really enjoying London, great game!

You win! ;)


New frame:


Battlefield 4?


Rise of the Tomb Raider?


Eeehhhh… close enough I reckon.

It’s Battlefield 3, specifically the F/A-18 campaign mission. Pretty cool flight deck:

Back to you! :)


Yeah BF3 and BF4 look pretty much the same. :p

I won’t get a screen up till tonight, unless someone wants to take my place.


I got this.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?


LOL well, shit.


I’d know those plants anywhere! ;)

See if anyone knows these ones: