2017 Frame Game


I’m up again? Ahhh. Okay, less effort picking a screen this time. Sorry it’s so dark. You’ll see why, eventually. So shameless.


player unknown battlegrounds ?


Haha, yeah. Here’s the shameless part I mentioned:

I was doing passive runs while still collecting weapons with the intent to only ever use them on the final person alive. This was the first time I managed it. Sorry, kinda lame to use that screen, but I didn’t have to go looking for one or make one that way. Quick and dirty.

You’re up, @lordkosc


Nice, I’ve watched enough to know the look.

Here we go… hint: trees.


Sim City, errr… 4?


Cities Skylines?


How about Sim City uh…2013 I think it was? The crappy always-online semi-recent one that directly contributed to the success of Cities Skylines. If I’m right, give it to BigWeather. Since I’m going off his guess. And I’ve had enough turns lately. Heh.


Ultimate General: Civil War?


Damn that was maybe too easy… Cities Skylines it is!


I am currently hunting a frame to use. One will be up soon!



Nuclear throne


Not Nuclear Throne!


Shin Megamitensei Synchronicity?


Nope, none of the SMT games.


It’s like I’m yelling into the void. This should start giving it away.


Voidspire tactics.


Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness?


The only thing missing at this point is the UI, the main character, and something that 100% gives it away.


Is that Golf Story? I really need to grab that, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks now and it sounds like folks really like it.