2017 Frame Game


And here we go!


Looks familiar. Spellforce 1?


Nope. Here is a bit more:


Some UI , moar guesses plz. :p


Looks like a buff from an RPG. Or the speed setting on a strategy game. And it’s rainy. So I’ll go with the former and guess Risen 2?


Nope, ok here are 2 huge reveals.


It’s some sort of 3D tower defense game, looks so familiar, I’m sure I played it.


It is a very popular game here on the forums, I know at least 10 people recently played it.

More reveal:


My first thought when I saw the first frame was Morrowind but then the UI threw me off, and then you’re dropping hints too so even though I’ve never played it I’ll say the Morrowind expansion to ESO.

edit: more words


Oh, wait, is this one of the Total Wars? Medieval 2, I’ll guess?


Nope! Ok hugeeeeeeee giveaway…


This really makes me think JRPG for some reason.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2?


Not Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

Last one I’ll put up until after dinner tonight…


I have played whatever this is and just can’t think of it.


Looks like a very stormy night.


Dinner was great, I ate a few pierogies. Here is a bit more, come on guys!


Is it forum favorite and Game of the Year as chosen by Wumpus and Gyazoul, Tempest Open World Pirate RPG?


Now I know why your toilet got broken.


Correct! Tempest OWP ARPG


I’ll have a new frame up tonight!