2017 Frame Game

I couldn’t believe it wasn’t Bad Day on the Midway. I had to go and look it up on Mobygames, thinking maybe I’d confused it with another game. But nope, there are several screenshots that look somewhat similar. Wow. Heh. My memory didn’t fail me after all. Look at this:

Anyway, sorry. This has nothing to do with the current game. I have no guesses, though.

Nice! No good guesses yet, so one more before bed. This should spur memories.

A remake of maniac mansion?

Cool Spot

Further no!

Full Throttle? I’m kinda grasping at straws here.

Edit: Just updated the cheat code thread. By the way, turns out @CaseyRobinson posted the 500th game with Advance Wars. So, @CaseyRobinson, time to receive your prize! It’s a self-administered pat on the back! Go on, do it! You’re the winner!

This forum (including but not limited to Quarter to Three, the Frame Game, @tomchick, and @Kyosho) are not responsible for doctor bills resulting from @CaseyRobinson dislocating his shoulder while attempting to administer this prize.

No luck, @Kyosho, so it’s onto the next frame!

I hate it when someone knows what it is but doesn’t make a guess because they don’t feel like starting the next round.

Like what I’m doing right now.

Damn you Wholly, making me twist here for your amusement!

That’s not one of the Gex games, is it?

It is not!

One of the earlier Rayman games?

I thought I had put that in the fist post. Alas, it was not. Thanks for the nudge Kyosho, I have added it in there.

Additional no. Will go ahead and put up one before turning in.

Hopeful this one will at least give yall some insight into the genre at hand here. . .

. . . or maybe I just post forever, alone in the void. . .

Ballz? That weird fighting game?


I played way too much of this as a kid, because my parents didn’t let me have any of the good fighting games for a long time. . . but it’s actually kinda fun! Or at least I remember it being so.

Fun fact: the tech in this later wound up in the Dogz and Catz lines of games!

Weird fact: I’ve never played this version of the game or even knew it existed. I’ve only ever played Ballz - The Director’s Cut on the 3DO. When you first showed the screen with his face, I immediately thought of it, and looked the game up. And it wasn’t it. The graphics were all wrong. It wasn’t until just now after seeing the health bars, and realizing it was indeed a fighting game that I looked again, and saw the original games were on the SNES and Genesis/Megadrive. Hah. Yet another case where I should’ve just gone with my gut instinct. Everyone should.

EDIT: Here we go!

That’s one blurry snap!

Gunstar Heroes?