2017 Frame Game


Nope,n ot at all… which isn’t very rewarding because I think that was a very nice guess.


Is that a Star Control 2 cut scene?


No, nothing sneaky like a cutscene.


Something screams Amiga on this one…nothing I ever played though.


Wild guess: Pang?


Windows 3.1 bubble screensaver?


Did I hear somebody asking for more bubbles?


Some flavor of Arkanoid we haven’t done yet.


Mickey Mouse in… Bubble land?



Oh it’s a shmup of some kind? Vertical? Which is a shame, as I know barely any of those!

Let’s say SWIV, as at least I’m in the right genre, even if I don’t remember it having a bubble works level.


Was SWIV really Silkworm IV? I always wondered where the games in the gap went… Prolly more of a subject for another thread.
This being a vertical shoot’em up, if nobody gets it, you’ll win by default Pod!


Hey, I’ve never actually read this thread but your posting the link somehow invoked me. Anyway, is that Blazing Lasers?


@divedivedive That’s gotta be it. Drove me crazy. I know it from this.


WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! This is clearly the best thread on Qt3.

(Plus, think about all of the other images you’ve missed out on!)


I had faith my summoning ritual would work!

Blazing Lazers, also known as Gunhed, for the best console of all-time, the PC-Engine.

Jumping from a world of terrible CPC 8bits games, and over the Amiga world of “pretty but not very dynamic” games my friends were taunting me with, it was such a shock.
The opening of the first level Gunhed with its oversped scrolling was just mindblowing. Since that wouldn’t be well rendered in a still, I picked a level that traumatized me: the 8th one, with its crazy bubbles being the relentless enemy. The soundtrack was taking a turn for the weird in that level as well. It is all very peculiar.
The game is a Hudson published Compile shoot’em up, i.e. a gem. Probably the best one on a console that is crowded with games of that genre - until Spriggan showed up on CD-ROM (the other Compile shooter of the machine incidently, published by Naxat that time).

Now you are doomed to post something, @divedivedive!

Edit: for those who love videos, the initial moment I was talking about (although it doesn’t render all the fluidity of the experience):


Oh crap, I did not think this through. OK, will get something up later tonight.


Hey dudes, I am not having any luck with making my image turn out right. I think I’ll defer my turn so I don’t hang the game up any more than I already have.


I’ll give it a go


Her story?