2017 Frame Game


Empire: Total War?


No European troops were wearing such uniforms. Please get back to your studies.


Fire Emblem?


Damn, I knew I should have gone with Total War: Warhammer


I knew Freedom Force straight away :( It had a very distinctive style.

As for this new one… I feel like I’ve played it but have no idea what it is.

King Arthur’s Gold?



… ¬_¬


It took me WAY too long to realize this was a joke and that wasn’t placeholder art. First thing I noticed was the development in progress note. lol


Uh, I know this. It’s a Genesis game, Lassiter or something weird in Japan, and, uh… damnit. I totally know this one.


Oh yes :D


Nice! That’s not what it looks like in 320 x 200 resolution though. ;)


I’ll add a frame to help @CaseyRobinson remember the name (and because I don’t want all my prepared frames to go to waste!)


If @CaseyRobinson is right, and it’s Langrisser/Warsong, he totally deserves the win.


Right, Warsong. That’s the one I couldn’t remember.


I loved that game so much; it was my Panzer General. With an awesome soundtrack.

I took the trouble of getting to scenario 4, to capture a battle with those #@%&! slimes.

Edit: Eat that wall of text, since the Discourse “details” function is as random as ever.

Betraying the one dogma all of the Japanese fantasy scene is based upon, you are going to have real troubles facing the gooey beasts. You better prepare by upgrading your hero to a higher class, thus gaining access to spells. But for that, you have to farm all the enemies you can from the first map until this scenario. Standard soldiers are helpless; horse riders can somehow escape the massacre, while hardly damaging the things. The real way to counter them is either earning access to Attack buff spells (a difference of a couple of points is enough to tilt a battle in the first Warsong), or rely upon the Priest’s unarmed troops, which are strangly effective at mastering the blob menace.


I though that was because the priest’s troops had the foresight to bring fire, which the slimes are somehow weak against. @tork, you want it? I won’t have frames ready until tonight.


You’re good. I got nothing right now.


And a little bitta " @CaseyRobinson ." tork doesn’t want it. :D


Hey @CaseyRobinson, you going to get that frame up soon?


Man that @CaseyRobinson guy sure is the worst!


@CaseyRobinson is only a pumpkin, after all. Not sure how much can be expected from a pumpkin. Except maybe turning into a chariot? Ooh, that’d be fun.