2017 Frame Game


If @CaseyRobinson doesn’t want to do it, then perhaps @CaseyRobinson could step in to do it? He’s a nice guy that can always be counted on to provide a frame on time.


OK, I don’t have access to Photoshop right now so I’m kinda faking this with Mac Paint.

And I picked a weird one, too.


I won’t hide being influenced by your reference to Mac Paint.


I got the name wrong, it’s Paintbrush. I kinda miss Paint.

Not Backstab.


Hunt The Wumpus?




A teeny bit more helpful, maybe?


Kind of reminds me of Hoplite. Is it that?


It is Hoplite, with the classic graphics mode. I’ll post the full image when I’m back in the office tomorrow. Take it away, @arrendek.



So in this thread or the game box thread I said something along the lines of: Every time I think of something I just look it up on google and see if it’s wrong, and then don’t post if it is. But if we all do that, then this thread looks really dead, so we should all just go with our gut.

I took my own advice this time. I googled Hoplite (a game I played like a year ago) and saw the familiar images of it looking back at me, which don’t look much like the graphics above. I was about to close the thread when I said “screw it, I’ll post it anyways, to make activity happen!”

Ummmm, so now what do I do? Oops. I’ll get something up tonight or tomorrow afternoon.


I’d say just about every time my guess was correct, it was based on my first gut instinct. I usually googled to check, but often didn’t find the exact thing I was looking for. It’s weird how the human brain can remember certain specific things.


I am a bit of the same, excepting I just mistrust my guts and still have the bad habits of not posting it (last time it happened was with Warcraft 3 earlier this month: “those trees are definitly Warcraft-3 ish, but why that angle? He couldn’t possibly have picked a cutscene?” And sure, he did!). I almost didn’t post “Freedom Force” because of that, the other day.
Need to open the gates, and let all it out, I say!


I’ve been trying to be freer about my stupid guesses since that post, @arrendek. Glad it resulted in a win for ya.


Frame #1:


Hey, there is a lighter shade of black in there.

Legend of Grimrock 2?


I can’t see anything. Zork?


Yeah, it’s pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. :)


Haha this is fun:

Wherein I encourage everyone playing the game to clean their monitors.