2017 Frame Game


Isn’t that the game where it is based in a movie studio?


It isn’t. Unless I misssed some Shyamalan-style twist ending!


So I win! It’s Colobot. :)

A 2001 PC “RTS” where the various vehicles built could be individually piloted, but more interestingly programmed to autonomously accomplish tasks like gathering resources, attacking, and defending. The user typed listings using a fairly robust built-in language similar to Java.

I’m not going to claim it was the greatest thing ever, but it’s one of those curiosities I fondly recall tinkering with that fired my love of code

Here’s the Moby page:

Here’s a pic of the programming:

Now I guess I have to find another frame … bear with me.


Never ever heard of it.
Seems it’s been opensourced, and the official site points in this direction, where you can download it freely…


Here’s a new one:


Shadow Warrior 2?


You know, I was actually THIS close to getting a Shadow Warrior 2 screenshot for this round. So it’s not, but it almost could have been! :)


Nope, I’m afraid that’s not how it works… you lose if no one guesses your game!

Or that’s how the movie frame game works, at least?

As for my guess… Onimusha?


So … I lost? Well darn. I thought I lost if someone guessed correctly, because then they win. Or do we both win then? Sounds something akin to a token participation trophy! ;)

It is not Onimusha.


Sorry you lost, Profanicus, but thanks for posting that game. I’d never heard of it, which is surprising for a PC game from 2001.


Pillars of Eternity?


Grim Dawn?


Path of Exile?


Interesting guesses! I think it’s a bit early to be giving any hints about how close anyone is but here’s another nice little chunk:




Ding ding ding! Grats!

It is Team Ninja’s excellent Dark Souls-alike Nioh, on the PS4. This is still likely to be in my top 5 for the year. :)


So here’s a funny thing. I never played Nioh because I don’t have a PS4. But near release, I watched a Youtube video showing its combat because I was curious. And, for some reason, I thought your screenshot resembled the general color palette and the roof tiles I saw in that video, hence my guess.

Ok, let me recover from the shock of having got this one right, and I’ll try to post something later tonight. ;)


I suspected the dingy palette and those roof tiles may give it away to someone who’d played a bit, but it must have left quite the impression if you recall them from watching a video over 6 months ago!


Tell me about it! Maybe it was the same exact location, and it juggled my memory. It’s been a while :)

I wish I had a PS4 to play Nioh. I heard great things about it.


Ok, so here we go! This one should go quick and easy.