2017 Frame Game




The Wonderful 101? :)




I couldn’t come up with any at the time, but then I thought of Anno 1404. Which @lordkosc guessed. But that doesn’t seem completely right. Anno 1701, maybe?


A Commandos game? Let’s say 3.


I can say that one of you is well on the right track (and a second lukewarm), but saying who would make it too easy. :)


Nope, not Guild Wars 2. ;)


Cities XL


I guessed SimCity 4, and only then noticed you had said “not Simcity” above. ;)


Laser Squad?


Close enough! :)

Julian Gollop’s 2002 simultaneous turn-based tactics multiplayer game Laser Squad: Nemesis.

I don’t play a lot of multiplayer games but I sunk many tense hours of PBEM goodness into this one.


Yes, I was thinking of the Windows one!

Here is something probably impossible if you haven’t played the game as well.


Cue list of games with a pug … i’m going with World of Warcraft


Hidden Game: Objectioning


Regency Solitaire?


Pug lovers unite!


Ack I thought the art matched the game but I didn’t expect to be right!

I’ll try to put something together tomorrow. Feel free to remind me tomorrow night if I haven’t posted.


I know this is 13 days later, but I picked this up based on your pic. I had it on my wishlist and saw it was on sale.

Why is there no thread about this game?


Beats me. If I had played more (and I will at some point) I would have created the thread myself. ;)