2017 Frame Game



Great job, you almost got it immediately which stunned me. You’re up!


I’ve played a ton of Heroes of Might and Magic. After I didn’t specify the version, I realized that purple hue was from Shades of Darkness.

Time to dig up a screen shot.


Here we go…


Shogun: Total War?


No sir


I know I’ve seen that, but I can’t remember where.




Since that was pretty small, I’ll post the 2nd frame.


That did not help. :)


Bottom of the 9th, and that’s Lesly Lou as your secondary pitcher.


You got it! I figured if someone who actually played the game showed up then it wouldn’t be too hard. And if not, the title is in the final reveal!


I understand your first reveal: this is a game so hard to show without giving it away - like any games related with baseball it seems, actually ;)


Good fake, I thought it was a Japanese flag.


Haha, we all see different things. I thought it was an icon representing an envelope with a wax seal on it. Perhaps in the inventory of an adventure game.


A hidden gem of sort.




Is it one of those kids games? Pajama Sam or something?


Rayman Legends


No, but that initial frame was really nondescript, now that I look at it :/