2017 Frame Game


This is the game where you are the different colored characters and race to the end of the level. I saw it on steam but can’t remember the name.

Ooh is it ultimate chicken horse?


The Incredible Machine?


Not that series, but oh so very close you are.


I KNOW I have played this. Just can’t remember the name. Definitely remember that platform thingie.


Art-wise it screams Team17 / Worms, arrrrgh.


The other one! Contraption… Maker?


Nope, yet another one!





Lovely simple puzzle game featuring Incredible Machine inspired contraptions, and some cute story telling on top.
Weirdly inexpensive, too.


I recognized the car as soon as I saw it, but it took me a bit to remember from where.

This should be interesting.


This looked familiar to me, but I don’t know if it will be one of those times i think I’ve seen it but then it’s something I never even heard of. The type of game I think it is from popped into my head immediately - but I can’t come up with anything.


Gremlins, Inc.?


@Scott_Lufkin, Y U deleted all your images? :’( I haven’t read this thread in a few days and your ones from 3 days ago are GONE!

Now I can no longer retrospectively guess!

ps: Factorio, for the latest image?


Yeah, sorry about that, I didn’t think it through when I deleted the contents of the previous album to put new images in the album, trying to keep things neat and tidy like. Here is the final image though, for posterity.

And here is the next image in the current game as we have no winners just yet!


Applying my trusted method of digital psychological evaluations:

  • this must be recent;
  • to be precise, this must be Switch;

Thus: Super Mario Odyssey?


Aspect ratio and image quality look about right for a Switch screenshot!


Painkiller? Uh, I can’t keep straight which ones are which. I apparently own 6 different Painkiller games on Steam. Since I’m likely wrong, I’m not sure it matters.


Nothing so far (Mario Odyssey, really? Ha!)

This may shed some light.


No guess yet? I played this a lot when the kids were younger, if that helps. Also what may help, a new image! Good luck!


Dungeon Defenders?