2017 Frame Game


That Dokapon game… With cards, hrrm?


Some good guesses, but no one has it yet! Which, frankly, astounds me.


OK, now I don’t have a clue :-)


I figured it out with a quick google cause I was curious if it was what I thought it was (it wasn’t) - but I guess that’s cheating, so… I’m not telling


I think its ok, if you can end the 4 days of WTF is this game, that we are enduring. :)


That’s up to you guys. I was under the impression that using GIS was cheating, but I don’t really care. The lack of guesses is what is really slowing me down - I don’t see the thread for a full day and forget about it for longer than I normally would be posting. I’m really surprised no one played this, it’s been around for ages and still has a big following.


I dunno… Runequest? Lol


It looks like an old-ish game with quests and a kind of cartoony art style. FATE?


Here we go, one more before the full image! Good luck!


World of Tweecraft?


You joke but that’s a pretty apt description of what this game is.

Final, full frame. Good luck!

Tomorrow morning if no one has it I’ll lose and try again with something a little more mainstream. Though, I don’t know how that’s going to be possible - this game has cards being sold at Target, Walmart, and Gamestop (or it did, at any rate).


Looks fun at least! =)


Is that Wizardry 101, or whatever it’s called?


Looks like you win!


YES! That is what it is called, and that is what this game is. Good job!

Aaaaaaand you’re up!

It’s a neat little browser based MMO my kids were really into about 6 years ago, and they got me to play it with them so all of us had accounts. It’s great for kids because it’s easy but has complex ideas and math, and lots of parental controls (like no chatting, just picking pre-existing phrases, like how Hearthstone works). I haven’t thought about it for years, until looking for a new frame for the game here, and when I went on youtube to grab a frame there were tons of recent videos, so it seems like it’s still pretty active.


Huh. Yeah, it seems like one of those games that is popular with kids but flies under the radar of the general gaming public. Kind of like Roblox. Maybe I’ll see if my niece has any interest the next time she’s over.

I may have to punt – my home computer fell victim to some unfortunate spillage last night and has been drying out since. If it doesn’t turn on tonight, I’ll have to pass to another willing participant.


Computer works! New frame! Might be stupidly easy or deceptively hard!


That’s really familiar, but I can’t place it… XCOM 2?


Shadowrun Returns?


Recongize it too… uh. Mass Effect: Andromeda?