2017 Frame Game


Drawing a blank here as well. Before the last shot I was thinking of some HOG game.


Yeah I’ve had no clue. Hopefully some one here knows what this is.


OK, I lied, one more:


Trine 3???


It looks kinda like that driving game Tom streamed (or maybe just posted a let’s play of) but there’s too much going on, isn’t there? Zombie Driver or something like that.

Don’t answer that one, unless you already did.



Hammerfight is it! Phew. I’m away right now so I’ll post the full frame later.


Woo! Was getting worried. You’re up, @CaseyRobinson !


Oh, damn! Hammerfight! I played the whole thing, and I think I basically forgot everything about how it looked. But I remember how it felt to play. What a wonderful, weird game.


Here’s the full frame for Hammerfight:

The game was difficult and obscure and hard to control at times and the UI was bad and there were crashes… but it was really awesome. I don’t really think that there is anything else like it.


This one won’t go as long:


Fun school 3: electricity game.





Final Fantasy Disco Dance Omega


Advance Wars?


Advance Wars?

edit: Hah, I’m too slow!




Advance Wars it is.

I did say it wouldn’t go long.

Whoops, somehow missed @wavey’s reply there.


@wavey Got it a moment before I did!



OK, here goes: