2017 Frame Game


Crap. Yup, will post something soon.


Okay, here goes …





Wow that does look like quarantine. I’ll say Quarantine 2: Road Warrior just in case.


Chaos Engine?


It is Quarantine! Nicely done. I didn’t think the game was so well known to be spotted in one. I’ll edit this later to include the full frame, but for now - take it away, @Left_Empty!


An unforgettable game, I guess, as the name really popped out immediately.
Sort of the lame (not in the bad sense) granddaddy to Saints Row.


Zoo Tycoon (2013)?


Zelda: Breath of the Wild?




I’m so confused by the apparent different perspectives … umm … Wargame European Escalation?


Cannon Fodder?




One of the Nobunaga’s Ambition games? How about what I think is the latest, sphere of influence?


No Japanese moustached dandy!


The big reveal, then!




Looks like some operational-level wargame, and I suck at recognizing those, so I won’t even try. ;)


flashpoint campaigns: red storm


I’ll trade your submarine for my tank, @schurem!

@Aquamafia wasn’t far off, earlier!

This from the tutorial where I achieved a 96% decisive victory, yep, as it should be.
I enjoy this game a lot. Just the right amount of complexity (i.e, not much) and masochism (i.e, very much) for my Cold War fantasies. The complex nature of reacting to what is happening in this game forces me to actually make plans, and hope for the best.