2017 Frame Game


Terminator Ninja?
How were people playing games in America, before GUI were imported over there in the 2ks?


Gahhh I know what it is but it will be impossible for me to take a turn for days! Must … exercise … restraint!


Imma just ride those hints and guess Escape From L.A., even though I’m not sure it ever had a game.


I’d guess Cobra, though a later platform/version to the one I played on way back.

Not sure it is that, but I’m pretty sure it’s some dodgy old movie tie-in platformer thing!


This does look a bit like Sly. The computer game was surprisingly fun, but such a terrible license.


Demolition Man?




I think it’s Escape from LA.


Well heck. Haven’t won one of these in a while.

It’s hard to tell these days between actual old games and retro-indy modern games.

Anyway I’ll get a new pic up as soon as I can.


make it derp!


Sorry, DERPSPACE is far too well-loved across the gamoverse to make for a fair challenge.

Here’s the first frame:



Did we do Ultima Underworld? Because that’s my guess.


Not Ultima Underworld.


Those thick outlines… looks like Ultima VIII to me


That’s it! Surprised it went so fast.



Yay, at last I get one right! Ultima VIII had a very distinctive graphic style, it wasn’t much of an “Ultima” game but it sure was pretty to look at.

I’ll have a screenie up later today.


Ultima VIII is so polarizing. Some people love it (I’ve even encountered a person or two that thought it was the best Ultima) while others hate it. I wonder how much people’s opinions on it were affected by the jumping issue pre-vs-post-patch.


I loved Ultima VIII’s graphics, music and atmosphere, enough to forgive the obvious departure from its deep RPG roots and its clumsy incursion into action-adventure territory. But the jumping puzzles were just too much. By the time the patch came out, my interests were elsewhere and never really gave it another chance.

So here’s the new screenshot, this game shouldn’t be too obscure but we’ll see…



Hmm… Broken Sword?


Really cool art style, I hope the full reveal will be as gorgeous as this promise!