2017 Frame Game


Nope, neither of those!
Left_Empty, I’m sorry to say the end results may be a tad disappointing.



I think it still looks pretty darn good, considering. I’ve been meaning to give it a playthrough one of these days (thank you GOG for packaging old Ultimas in windows-friendly way).


Clive Barker’s Undying?


Yikes, from pixel art to prerendered 3D. You weren’t kidding!

That Egypt Cryo game?


Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom.


None of those; good guesses, though!


New screenshot with more of the scenery. The real giveaway here is the UI, so just a small reveal there.



Yeah that UI doesn’t ring a bell here. I’ll throw something random, like the 7th guest, although that was FMV right?



(more characters for the silly forum software)




Last screenshot before revealing the UI. The cursor down there might be a good hint!



Oh yeah, the 7th Guest was mostly pre-rendered stuff for the puzzles (and navigation) mixed with FMV scenes for advancing the story. This particular game is more directly inspired by the original Myst.


The Longest Journey?


And I’ll say Syberia for shiggles


Is it Shivers? I seem to recall Sierra pumping out a few Myst clones as the classic adventure game genre waned, and that’s one of the few I played.


Zork Nemesis?


It is indeed Shivers!


One of the few Myst clones that I found enjoyable enough to play to the end. “Professor Windlenot’s Museum of the Strange and Unusual” was pretty spooky, especially when playing while home alone at night. Over to you, @nijimeijer!


Okay; no access to Photoshop yet, so this is going to be revealed via Paint!


Ah man, I totally know that icon. Metal Gear Solid V?


Friday the 13th: The Game