2017 Frame Game




Axes and Acres?


Desert Golfing


Ha, is that the least amount of information a frame has been guessed in?

At least now I don’t feel so bad about sneaking in the previous guess seconds before yours - take it away!


You know your shades of Salmon Pink…


Wow. Nice snag, Wholly.


“Hey Siri, remind me to post a frame after work tonight”


Great, now Siri is going to remind you to roast a duck after work today.


Ugh, thanks for nothing Siri.

Does anyone have any image editing programs on iOS that can mask things out for the frame game? Otherwise I’m stuck till I get home again.


You could always try an online image editor? I know imgur also has editing capabilities?


Sorry for the delay!


Mobile game?


I think @WhollySchmidt just posted in the wrong thread. Hey Schmidt, thisis the game frame thread. The movie one is thataway ->

( I do suspect you are platform correct)


Not much I can do to hide the screen dimensions, but I sure did my best to make the first shot deceptive!


Some trivia game? QuizUp?





It looks like the greenlight game of mobile gaming. Brr!


Gone home?
I’m assuming it’s a poster in one of the walking simulators.