2017 Frame Game


Man what the hell is that? I know Goodman did some 90’s FMV game but it had nothing to do with his Big Lebowksi character.


Maybe Walter wasn’t in the game from the start. Maybe some customization feature allowed me to add him. Maybe.


I mean I kinda assumed it was something like that, and I still don’t have a clue.


Okay surely someone will remember this now, even if you deleted it from your phone long ago.


Hahah, great pic(k?) for a frame! I know what it is but I won’t have time for frame gaming.






Wow, really? That was kind of a wild guess. Heh.

I’ll post something tonight (so in about 8-10 hours from now).


Is this the first mobile game we’ve had?



Nah, I did Ascension some while back from mobile. I think we also had one or two others, like Monument Valley maybe?


I think I did Monument Valley. And my turn just now came from guessing Desert Golf, a mobile game.


I did The Room a while back. It was guessed pretty quickly. Also, it was the iPad version.


To be honest, if Miitomo is considered a game, Facebook is the best in the genre?


That’s it, @WhollySchmidt , time to turn in your gamer card.

Okay, not really. I imagine if I were more on-the-go I’d play more stuff on my phone. As-is, the game I play most on there is a terrible free version of solitare. Which might be gamer card-revoking in and of itself.


Is it even a game? I thought it was a social app thing. :/


rhamorim is unable to post currently. Anyone want his turn? I like to keep this game moving, but for some reason I’m weirdly adverse to posting when I haven’t been the one to guess correctly. Anyone is free to go right now. Some one please do! :D


Yes, please do, and I apologize for forgetting to post (and being unable to do so right now).


Frame coming up in a bit!


And here it comes. I apologize for taking so long to post.