2017 Frame Game




No correct guesses so far. Second frame:


Master of Orion 4


Was thinking “Orions”.


No correct guesses yet. Time for a new frame!



Nep Nep whatever the latest one is.


Nothing spells “intelligence” like eyes devoid of pupils.


Not Nep Nep, but I like where this is going.


I feel like I’ll figure this one out at some point, but not just yet.


Looks like “Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW, $16.99”


It’s not Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (which is a fantastic game, BTW), but good try! :)


Hatoful boyfriend: pidgeon sex simulator.


Nope. New frame:


Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale?


It’s Atelier Sophie! You got it? So jealous :O


Well done, @Left_Empty ! It is indeed Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book! (and it’s available on Steam, in case you didn’t know)

It’s funny that @sharaleo guessed Recettear, because both games have a lot in common in terms of theme and “feel” (even if the gameplay is considerably different). Anyway, it’s a great game I’m having a great time with.


I loved the first batch of Atelier games (Marie, Elie and Lilie) very much: They had great atmosphere, and the wacky story-driving crafting was new at the time. I haven’t had the consoles to keep up with the series, and now, I am out of the Windows PC needed to try that new version. Must be karma!
I must say the third image was quite a red “earring” for me, as you cut the face to make it look like, what was to me, a furry - it confused me very much as those “%” were very familiar, actually. I do not know if that was your intention, but if it was, that was evil!

Anyways; now, something older:

######oops, sorry for the scanlines…


It was not my intention at all - I always make exactly 5 frames, so by the third frame I wanted to hint that this was a “Japanese” game, and showing the character’s eyes was one of the best ways to do that. I never thought that sight would be taken as a furry of any kind, though, so that’s all on you, I suppose. ;)


A home console port of Skull & Crossbones?


Not far off, at all!