2017 Frame Game


None of those.


Did Mirror’s Edge (the reboot) go near water? If so, I’ll guess Mirror’s Edge (the reboot).


No right guesses so far. Time for frame #2:


Shining Force 3




Bwhuuu… I have several ways to narrow it down, but damned if I can be certain!

I mean the clothing and architecture tells me a blended setting, so maybe something like Secret World?


Xenoblade Chronicles? It’s yelling “JRPG” to me.


It yells JRPG MMO to me, but we’ve already done FF XIV, so went with what I did. That daid I could easily see you being correct.


Still no correct guesses (and not a lot of them), so time to get this moving again. Anyone who has played this game will get this right, now.


That’s pretty distinctive, I am confident I know that, but I just took a turn so I’ll see if anyone else can figure it out. I love that image, btw.


I dunno, Destiny?


Final Fantasy IX?


Xenoblade Chronicles?


I’m liking those guesses, but no one got it right yet.


Final Fantasy XIII-2


Ding ding!

Right before the new year, I decided to install and play a game from my backlog, and I ended up choosing Final Fantasy XIII-2. And I’m so glad I did, because I haven’t played anything but FF XIII-2 for a couple weeks now - that’s how much I’m enjoying it.

I played and enjoyed most of FF XIII, but I got really tired of some parts of it at about 80% of the way, and stopped playing. However, I was invested enough in the setting and characters that I watched the rest of the game on Youtube because I wanted to see how it ended. XIII-2 not only picks up where XIII left, but it also fixes most of the issues I had with that game, while capitalizing on its strengths. Of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played so far (XIII, X, and XIII-2, in that order), it’s the one I enjoyed - am enjoying - the most.

Anyway, congrats, @Ryan_Kelly ! Your turn!


Man, I even knew you’d been playing that recently from the ‘what are you playing’ threads and Twitter. I just dismissed that because I was hung up on the idea of an MMO for some reason due to the text bubbles.

Well done @rhamorim


Wow, Rhamorim is so strict! Would totally have given it to Armando (I may have to confess they all look like a bit blob of games I won’t play anyway… sorry…)



Ghost Recon?