2017 Frame Game


Figures the guy that usually does the reminding would forget. Sorry. Here we go:

My apologies for the darkess of what’s there.


That’s probably not going to get a lot of guesses. :)


LadderFightMen 4: LadderFightGruntingKill CODE BLACK


Dark Forces?


The fourth game in the SWAT series (since Discourse won’t let me just say SWAT 4 grumble grumble)


Alone in the Dark?


The proper thing to do is to type:


fuck discourse

But you didn’t know, so we’ll forgive you.

– an avowed Discourse-friendly happy-with-the-switch person.


you should update your discourse script to automatically include a tiny, invisible lower-case character in every post so we can ALLCAPS FTW


I don’t know that you can post font-based html in these posts? Or I would.

Let’s see…

Test 2
Nopers there too.

Maybe this? OHHHHHH, that’s nice.
or test, that’s even a little smaller.



Hitman: Bloody Money


sam & max hit the road?


Jedi Knight?


Nope to all those. I am amused.


Life is Strange?


That was going to be my next guess, thanks for jumping in front of that bullet.

How about… Deus Ex Invisible War


Stephen’s Sausage Roll?


Nope to those. I’m trying extremely hard to stop myself from giving really dumb hints. Ah, classic. :D


None Lives Forever 2


Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes?