2017 Horror Roundup Thread

You know the drill, this is by no means comprehensive. Please mention films in the thread and I’ll add them to the list. I don’t know if the 2016 thread was useful for anyone else but it was for me and I enjoyed putting it together.

47 Meters Down/In the Deep (2017? -) - There’s probably no type of horror movie fans of the genre want more than a “stuck in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean” movie. Well, I am here to tell you that your prayers have been answered as an accident leaves Blake Lively and her sister trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by great whites and running out of oxygen. Just kidding! It’s totally Mandy Moore and her sister, who is not Blake Lively (Rebecca Holt in fact, from Vampire Diaries). The only thing standing between this movie and greatness is one of those “studios make movies about the same thing and release them within the same year or so” deals, which could rob this movie of its thunder.

A Cure for Wellness (Feb 17, R) - not even sure if this qualifies as horror (it makes lots of “upcoming horror movie” lists but doesn’t have the tags on IMDB).

Alienz Promethium: Covenant Lords - (May 19, rated F for Fuck off) - Fuck off.

A Dark Song (Amazon, NR | Best Thing You’ll See All Week) - thoughtful and deliberately paced movie about a heart broken mother who seeks aid of a practicing occultist to contact her Guardian Angel, so that she might avenger her son.

Amityville: The Awakening (Jun 30, PG-13) - I’m sure if I spend time I can think of a movie “franchise” less in need of another installment than the Amityville movies. But right now, this is all I have. I know, you’re thinking “Welp we’re at 12 Paranormal Activities and counting”, or The Transformers franchise", or maybe “The Rob Zombie Movie verse”. I say no, this is it, and it’s not even very close. Someone remind me to look and see if Tom or Triggercut looked at the original as part of one those October marathons.

Annabelle 2 (Aug 11, -) - this spun off of the Conjuring originally, didn’t it? I didn’t see the first. Mirando Otto is in this one.

The Belko Experiment - (Mar 17, R, thread) A bunch of people are locked inside high-rise corporate office, and then ordered to start killing each other by a mysterious voice that speaks to them over the intercom system (and yes, there’s a means of forcing their hands). James Gunn wrote this. Directed by Greg McLean, who wrote and directed Rogue and Wolf Creek (and sequels). It’s a good cast (Jim Gallagher jr, John c Mcginley, Josh Brener, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, Tony Goldwyn, the gal from Emerald City? others).

Blackcoat’s Daughter (Mar 31, R) - Used to be called February, and is actually the first film from Osgood Perkins, who directed the Shirley Jackson homage that was I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. Sally Draper, and some gal named Lucy Boynton, get stuck at Boarding School over winter break and things go awry. Also featuring Nancy Drew, the replacement Dexter’s Dad, and Lauren Holly.

The Bye Bye Man (January 13, PG-13) - “If you say his name, if you even think it, he’ll come for you”. “It could spread like a virus!” The rest of the trailer is people saying and then screaming “don’tsayitdon’tthinkit” over and over. Dank memeology meta horror. Looks like an appropriate January release. Been wrong before!

Cage Dive (2017? - ) – A summary I read suggested this was about 3 people stuck in a shark cage in shark infested waters. But the trailer suggests it’s more Open Water (they are in a shark cage at one point but later they aren’t). Many Moore fans you can relax. This is also a found footage movie, for all you found footage fans.

Creep 2 (2017? - ) - I wonder if this is for sure coming out this year. It’s a sequel to Creep which shit I haven’t seen yet and need to. Patrick Brice (writing, directing) and Mark Duplass (writing, starring) are returning from Creep. Duplass’ career has been pretty fascinating to me. He has done a lot of different types of projects in the past 5-6 years, from sitcoms to horror and lots of things in between. Shane Black should put him in the new Predator.

Cult of Chucky (2017) - Apparently, this is about a killer doll?

Cute Little Buggers (Feb 10 UK only, -) - a horror/comedy that caught my eye (I am ignoring the “Gremlins meets Hot Fuzz” description, although I would love for that to be true). I believe overseas distributors are being sought. I’m always on the lookout for quality horror comedy blends. The UK delights occasionally.

A Dark Song (2017, R | Best Thing You’ll see All Week) - grieving woman enlists the aid on an occultist to bring her son back to life. Heartwarming tale about the bonds between family members? Or does something go very, very wrong?

The Dark Tapes (2017, -) - found footage anthology horror film. I think this might be getting some positive buzz (the trailer lists all sorts of awards from minor festivals and websites, so somebody likes it although it could just be that one of the people’s Mom’s is one of those Website mavens).

The Devil’s Candy (Mar 17, -) - Ethan Embry and Shirri Appleby play a couple who move into their dream home in rural Texas. The husband, an artist, gets possessed by the local spirits. Bonus: heavy metal connection! . The director, Sean Byrne, only has one other directing credit: 2012’s The Loved Ones. He wrote both movies. I think this one sat on the shelf for a couple of years, but it’s off to a good start at Rotten Tomatoes with Embry’s performance getting a lot of praise.

Don’t Knock Twice (Feb 3) - Katie Sackhoff reunites with her estranged daughter over in Britain, who something something witches. I watched two trailers and it felt like they hit all the major trailer tropes from the last couple of decades of horror (and other genre) movies. Hallway creepy lights scene, person appearing when lights change their state, dragged on floor, it’s in the mirror, creepy hands all over the place, shadow stuff, zomg we’re not alone in this room, the blaaaaaaaaar horn. Thematically I think this is trying to be something interesting (Sackhoff is a recovering addict turned artist and doubtless the addiction is part of the estrangement with her daughter), but the trailers didn’t get me excited.

There’s an Untitled Cloverfield Movie coming out on Octover 27th (Oct 27, -) - apparently? The plot makes it sound like the “Cloverfield universe” has officially just become whatever gets thrown into it (Space station, particle accelerator, Earth ?disappears?). That’s not a bad thing per se, although I think it seems a bit silly. The cast on this is sure to attract some movie fans: Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, David Oyelowo, Chris O’Dowd. Elizabeth Debicki personally asked me to ask Triggercut to watch this movie, so he’s in.

Flatliners (Sep 29, -) - no, Amityville beats this going away. And not just because neither this nor Suspira constitutes a franchise until the new movies are out and even then, it’s sort of a loose tag. Amityville still wins. Also, if you google this there’s a totes adorbs pic of a bunch of the cast making silly faces. Every time I glance at my right monitor it cracks me up. It won’t be the official poster for the movie. But I’m going to argue that it ought to be.

Game of Death - Millennials in a kill or be killed cross between Battle Royale and Jumanji (sez @Telefrog Telefrog). Based on a popular web series. Lots of gore. But reviews seem mixed, with the story and premise getting plenty of flak.

Get Out (Feb 24, -) - Caucasian gal (Allison Williams) brings her African American boyfriend (Daniel Kaluuya) home to the see the parents (Katherine Keener and Bradley Whitford). Mysteriously, there appear to be no or few other black people in the neighborhood. Looks like a comedy/horror blend with a possible Stepford bent. Jordan Peele writes and directs.

The Girl with all the Gifts (Feb 24, R) - Humanity is largely wiped out by a fungal infection that turns people into “hungries”. There’s a special group of infected children who have the craving for human flesh but otherwise can think and act normally. They are the subject of study and experiment as scientists race to find a cure. The story centers on the children, especially one played by Sennia Nanua. Paddy Constantine, Gemma Arterton, and Glenn Close star. It’s based on a book, which itself got rave reviews. The movie had a goodly amount of critical praise in the UK but flopped at the box office.

Hounds of Love (Now Amazon/limited theater, NR) - Aussie horror recommended by @abidingdude. A woman is abducted by a disturbed couple. Her only hope is to exploit their strange dynamic and drive a wedge between them.

Insidious 4 (Oct 20, -) - Lyn Shaye has been busy of late, hasn’t she? She’s been in a zillion horror movies in recent years. Good for her. Also, since this is the 4th film does that mean it’s time for the “a deeper dive into the series mythology” installment?

IT (Sep 8, - | QT3 Thread) - look, this probably isn’t worth anyone’s time. I’m still fascinated to see how it turns out though, and will be following that thread closely when the movie comes out. The last round of press stuff included a shot of Pennywise destined to succeed ceiling cat/ceiling river tam as an epic meme. I want this to be a PG movie, because fuck it why not.

It Comes at Night (August 25th, - | QT3 Thread - Tred Edward Shults (Krisha) directs. Featuring the increasingly versatile Joel Edgerton and Elvis’ grand daughter/Capable from Mad Max Fury Road. A horror/mystery movie about a man (Edgerton) who has his family sequested away in a remote cabin, trying to protect them from something. The party gets crashed by another family and everything goes somewhere bad? See the Qt3 thread for the amazing poster (seriously, @Doctor_Hillbilly is right, it’s a wonderful poster).

Hounds of Love - (Now on Amazon, NR) - aussie horror recommended by @abidingdud

Keep Watching (2017, R) - home invasion horror with the modern Horatio Hornblower and Carl from Walking Dead. From the plot summary: “A family become imprisoned in their home by intruders, who force them to play a life-and-death game, where the mysterious rules become clear as the night unfolds.” Does the idea of mysterious rules becoming clear as the night unfolds appeal to you? There’s nothing else to recommend it now, so we’ll just have to wait and see. ’

Life (2017, March 25, R, thread) - the versatile Jake Gyllenhaal, the mundane in this form Ryan Reynolds (3 powered incarnations for him now; yes technically two of them were the same character but sort of not), Rebecca “Remember when I was in like everything the year the last MI movie came out” Fergesun, Hiroyuki Saranada, and an Olga that isn’t the one you were initially thinking of all discover Life on Mars. And then discover that in space, no one can hear you scream unless they’re in the same pressurized compartment as you. Or maybe one adjacent, I dunno. Also, features scientists at least trying to show something approximating “reality” when handling strange/unknown substances, unlike the infinite shitpile that was Prometheus.

Mom and Dad (2017?, -) - not too sure on this release date. Parents go crazy and turn on the kids, among them Nick Cage and Selma Blair. That feels like the most random sentence I’ve ever typed. Cage’s last foray into horror, sorry “horror”, did give us one of the most epic memes in the last 20 years. So here’s hoping.

The Mummy (Jun 9, -) - “Guys, we’re going to make this Hammer horror universe thing work, I swear”. You know I liked Luke Evans in that Dracula movie, though the movie itself was mediocre (I did like the basic story, though). The trailer makes this looks like Ethan Hunt versus The Mummy. On paper I find a certain appeal to that. But I doubt very much it will work in practice. Here’s hoping? I think Jack Reacher versus The Mummy is a much stronger concept. It goes without saying I’m sure but this will be PG-13, because this is a blockbuster with a lot at stake.

Patient Zero (Feb 17, -) - Dr Who (Smith, not Capaldi), Margaery Tyrell, Samwell Tarley, and Stanley Tucci all star in this movie about a world where a global pandemic has turned most of the population into violent “not zombies but yeah ok maybe sort of zombies”. A man (Smith) can communicate them, and attempts to search for patient zero and the cure. Don’t know much about it.

Prevenge (Feb 10 UK, - | Qt3 Thread) - pregnant and windowed, woman goes on a murder spree at the behest of her unborn child. Looks like a pretty funny horror comedy (and probably more comedy than horror but who cares; trailer suggests some graphic violence). Also features Lysa Arynn and Yara Greyjoy.

Raw (Mar 10, R, Best Thing You’ll See All Month) - vegetarian at Vet school (from a family of veg Vets) winds up eating raw meat as part of a hazing ritual. Develops a taste for a particular type of meat, if you take my meaning. Wait, that came out wrong. She develops a taste for human flesh. French film, the original title might have been “Grave” or maybe they’re thinking of calling it that over here. This has gotten a lot of positive buzz on the festival scene and won an award at Cannes. At Toronto apparently, some people fainted due to the graphical nature of some scenes. Cynically I wonder if that was planned.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Jan 27, R) - it’s the final chapter before the 2021 series reboot. I think the Resident Evil movies are immune to things like January release dates. You get entertainment out of them (or some of them, anyway) or don’t. But you know what you are getting (Mila Jovovovovich will shoot some things and punch other things. Look out for explosions). What the world needs is a Fast and Furiously Resident Evil crossover movie.

Rings - (Feb 3rd, PG-13) Yall what if the Ring video went viral. This has been delayed several times I believe, which is usually a bad sign. Does February 3rd count as dumping the movie? Or is it a stealth dump? I don’t know.

Rupture (April 17, -) - Noomi Rapace gets abducted by people working for the incomparable Peter Stromare and an Michael Chiklis (channeling his High School character crossed with a huge dollop of creepy), and then has to escape them and all the Body Horror you could possibly want. Also, trigger warning: fucking spiders man. Looks interesting. But fucking spiders man.

Sadako vs. Kayako (Jan 26 on Shudder, R) Watch this instead if you need a fix? I am curious. Although this makes me sad about Freddy Versus Jason because we never got Freddy Versus Jason versus Ashe. And like I know you could technically combine Deadpool with anything and it just works but I could go for Sadako vs. Kayako vs. Deadpool featuring Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Although Deadpool (ft Negasonic Teenage Warhead) versus Rebooted Classic Horror Franchises would be better. Freddy versus Jason versus Deadpool (ft Negasonic Teenage Warhead) wouldn’t completely fill the hole that was left in my heart when execs killed F v J v Ashe. But at least the healing process could finally begin.

Saw Legacy (Oct 27, -) - not a fan of the series, personally. But I guess fans can look forward to closure. Until the inevitable 2022 reboot.

Split (January 20, PG-13, thread) - M. Night Shyamalan attempts to continue his comeback after The Visit’s surprising. . . not completely terribleness? Well it was apparently much better than his last few films (low bar, I know) and some liked it. Enough that we can’t make fun of it anywhere near the level of The Happening anyway. The good: James McAvoy and probably Anya Taylor-Joy. The bad: The Visit wasn’t exactly a definitive rebound effort, the January release, the PG-13 rating for a January release. It is off to a decent start at Rotten Tomatoes at 13/3, for whatever that is worth (very little, but more than 0/13 certainly). Shyamalan’s successes - such as they are - have all been PG-13, so there’s that.

Suspira (2017, -) - I’m sort of muddled on what I want to say about this. Mostly it’s that I can’t really work up the energy to say all the things people have probably already said; I have nothing to add in terms of whether this is or is not a good idea. I’ll just note that the current studio environment seems favorable to one making a film in the Fulci/Argento mold (or any mold, really). Perhaps the name is necessary for a bigger cast (Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz), or to get a bigger budget.

The Void (April 7 Limited, iTunes + Vuve, R | thread) - What is this I don’t even. . . Also featuring Knives Chau.

The Third Wave (2017, -) - Zombies! But they’ve been cured! The once infected are now a shunned and mistreated underclass. Social upheaval and government intervention play a role. Ellen Page stars.

XX (Feb 17, -) - all female horror anthology. I mean all female as in the directors. There will be dudes in some, or all, of the shorts I imagine.

Reserved, just in case.

Get Out looks wild:

Yeah, Get Out is my most looked-forward-to horror movie of 2017. I’ve seen The Girl With All The Gifts and it’s excellent…though not all that scary.

Rings looks terrible, but for some reason I’m really looking forward to the Ring/Grudge cross-over even though it’ll probably be worse.

Get Out is near the top of movies I want to see this year as well.

I said in the 2016 thread that I felt like this year had a decidedly big studio feel to it. Big budget movies like The Mummy and Kong Island (not listed because it wasn’t tagged as horror at IMDB even though lots of people talk about it like its a horror movie coming out this year. I was totally arbitrary in that respect) help lend that idea credence. I feel like we’re getting a higher than normal number of franchise installments as well. For some reason most lists I come across include World War Z 2 but that seems absurd since I think it’s like 30 steps from getting to the point where they talk about filming it (yes, it’s more absurd that anyone would want to see a second World War Z movie but also “Hollywood” so it’s not that surprising). And there’s chatter about entries in older franchises like Friday the 13th/Hallween (IMDB even lists a movie as coming out with lots of actors and the other people who aren’t actors who make movies but in minimal research I got some conflicting info and didn’t list it). Because Hollywood is how it is I tend to think we’ll enter a period at some point - maybe we’re there already - where big studio (for lack of a better term) fare starts becoming more prominent. But maybe we’re already there with various modern staple franchises getting entries (Insidous/Anabelle/Saw) this year, and others getting them fairly frequently (e.g. Paranormal Activity). And that’s before we get to Tom Cruise and his running versus the Mummy.

None of this is any sort of complaint. I only care that we continue to get a stream of quality movies next to all the garbage. Don’t see any reason why we won’t.

Whoa, Get Out looks awesome.

This was a VOD release until The Shallows did well. At which point, Dimension was all, like, “Uh, never mind, this is a theatrical release”. They made the decision literally days before the VOD release. But here’s the thing: they had already sent out screeners to press folks. Doh.

Unfortunately, it’s a great premise and a terrible movie. Really really stupid. It thinks the audience cares about the relationship between the women, one of whom is moping about a breakup. Matthew Modine is pretty silly as the grizzled captain who runs budget shark-watching tours. No sense of pacing, terribly edited, unimaginatively shot.

To its credit, it has a much better sense for the ominous majesty of the sharks than The Shallows. At least it does when it introduces the sharks. It pretty quickly turns into dumb jump scares and – no joke – people hiding from sharks among reefs in the same way you hide from the killer in a slasher movie. So so dumb.

There are also no good “kills”. In fact, most of them happen off-screen. Is it just me, or are the only good non-Jaws shark kills a couple of the Deep Blue Sea casualties? And the finale of In the Deep is honestly the dumbest finale since, well, the Wile E. Coyote finale in The Shallows. I hate to do this, but it’s a dumb enough movie that I don’t mind dissuading anyone from seeing it by spoiling the fact that it’s all a dream.

Also, FYI, this is NOT the Mandy Moore who choreographed La La Land.


There are also no good “kills”. In fact, most of them happen off-screen. Is it just me, or are the only good non-Jaws shark kills a couple of the Deep Blue Sea casualties? And the finale of In the Deep is honestly the dumbest finale since, well, the Wile E. Coyote finale in The Shallows.[/quote]

I can’t really think of anything off hand, kill wise. It’s a problem in shark cinema that nobody has a proper feel for filming these sorts of kills in most shark movies (stuff like Open Water isn’t aiming for that sort of action of course). Whereas Crocodile cinema arguably fairs better on average.

I spoiled myself on the finale for this and. . . wow. It seems to have caused a stir here and there around the net. I would not advise anyone watch this movie.

I am glad you were able to clear up the release timing. I kept seeing all the stuff that indicated it was a 2016 movie, and wondered what was up.

Circa the Vincent Chase relationship Mandy Moore?

Do you not know the Child’s Play series?

I just saw a TV ad for Rings and I started laughing, it looked so terrible. That date in February is definitely a dump.

Here’s my confession: I like the Child’s Play/Chucky series. Like SAW, they have this crazy continuity that is getting more convoluted and wacky, but unlike SAW, the Chucky films have all had one creative hand on the till - Don Mancini. He wrote all the movies, and directed the last two installments and will direct Cult. The Chucky films also have to deal with a crazy tonal shift in the middle of the run (Bride and Seed) that featured more comedy than horror.

The last movie, Curse of Chucky, was supposed to be a reboot, but it was actually more of a shift back to horror while keeping the timeline intact.

Spoilers for Cult: Tiffany, the doll voiced by Jennifer Tilly, comes back!

At this point, Innaritu set the bar with the bear attack in The Revenant. I’d love to see that with a shark attack, but sharks these days are just dopey Sharknado fodder or cheap CG kills like The Shallows. It’s a sad state of affairs when a bear is a better horror villain than a shark.


Raw is so fucking good. The people fainting are clearly silly, but there are a couple of scenes in there that are…quite something.

I have heard surprisingly good things about Sadako vs Kayako from people who saw it at film festivals. It’s not like Ju-on had a very deep script, so I guess it could work on a pure creep factor level.

Ugh really? The battle of the Japanese little girl ghosts that can’t seem to find combs in the afterlife?

It’s not great, but there’s a sly self-awareness to Sadako vs Kayako that kind of makes it work.

Thanks for putting this thread together @peacedog, the 2016 version was really useful for me as someone without a lot of friends who are in to horror movies.

This year (at least in the UK) we’ve also got Prevenge, an Alice Lowe (Sightseers) written, starring and directed ‘pregnancy horror’ film. I’ve got tickets booked for February, as a huge fan of Sightseers and black comedy in general I’m really looking forward to this one, so I’ll try and remember to write up some impressions here once I’ve seen it.

Blackcoat’s Daughter. Used to be called February, and is actually the first film from Osgood Perkins, who directed the Shirley Jackson homage that was I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. How the second film got made and released before A24 got around to releasing the first, I don’t know. There’s a trailer, but it got pulled, so I’m not linking it; the director didn’t like it or it gave away too much or whatever. But it looks great, and I loved Pretty Thing for what it was. Releases March 31, finally.

The A24 blurb: A deeply atmospheric and terrifying new horror film, The Blackcoat’s Daughter centers on Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton), two girls who are left alone at their prep school Bramford over winter break when their parents mysteriously fail to pick them up

Whoa, with Kate Dickey and Gemma Whelan, the awesome chick who plays Yara Greyjoy on Game of Thrones!

And no distribution in the US yet… :(


I added both Blackcoat and Prevenge, fwiw. As a sucker for horror-comedy I will wait with baited breath for a US release for Prevenge.

A tiny bit of reading on Blackcoat’s daughter makes it’s release plans sound drunk to me. It came out on DirectTV Cinema briefly last year and will be available again in Feb there. The march release will be limited theatrical and on demand through something apparently? I really need to watch Pretty Thing.