2017 Horror Roundup Thread


Added the Devil’s Candy, which currently sits at 90% (20 reviews). Also, Belko Experiment is sitting at 63% with a small # of reviews (5/3).


French extremism lives!

But, yeah, Raw is so fucking good. And unlike a lot of French extremism, it’s really poignant. Tender, even. One of those movies that reaches a whole new level once it tells you what it’s about.

I saw it last night with an all-too-brief Q&A with the director/writer, a stately French woman named Julia Ducournau. There was no time to take audience questions and the moderator, a writer from LA Weekly, was terrible. But Ducournau is fascinating and I hope this is the beginning of a long career.



Did they discuss what she’d been doing before? It’s amazing to me that this is her first feature. She’s so in control all the way through.

And since it haven’t been posted here before, here’ a surprisingly non-spoilery trailer for Raw, as long as you know the premise:

Everyone who has a chance, see it.


Ugh, I hate everything that is disclosed in that trailer. Of course, I’d say that about any trailer for any movie I liked, but I especially say it about movies I especially like. I knew two words going into Raw and only one of them – the word “French” – wasn’t a spoiler! :)

Unfortunately, nothing in the Q&A about Ducournau’s background. But basically she’s been working on Raw for the last six years, having done shorts leading up to that. Reading interviews with her, and hearing her talk about how she works, she sounds like someone with lots of experience. When asked about Raw coinciding with Get Out, she also brings up The Witch, The Invitation, and Babadook. She says she’s really into Korean movies. So, basically, a filmmaker and moviegoer through and through.

By the way, Garance Marillier is a dead ringer for Rose Byrne.



Hmm. Game of Death just played at SXSW. It’s based on Sebastien Landry’s and Laurence Morias’s web series, now turned into a full-blown movie. It’s Jumanji and Battle Royale combined and no worries about a goofy PG13. This is gory old-fashioned rubber and makeup bloody R all the way.

It joins films like #Horror, Friend Request and Unfriended in that it relishes in making Millennials look like the absolute worst human beings on the planet before killing them in increasingly gruesome ways.[/quote]

It’s getting press for inventive use of synth and chiptunes music to highlight the action, and people are praising some of the shots and editing, but the premise and the overall story is not as positive.


Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare, and some body horror.


Rupture looks weird and interesting except spider so I dunno.


I just commented on this in the thread for the movie, but came away from LIFE with the feeling that I’d seen a horror movie which had been marketed as a sci-fi thriller. Things got pretty intense in the ‘Alien’ way.


I added it and a link to the thread. I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be horror or not so I skipped it and I swear at one point the IMDB page didn’t incldue the tag. But the more the merrier, even if it’s not ground breaking or amazing.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is currently bopping around in the mid 70s, opening next weekend I believe.


A24 putting out some interesting stuff.


Rooney Mara reprising her American Horror Story role, obviously.


Whew. Just finished watching Eyes of My Mother. It’s occasionally a tough watch and quite often fucked up, but there’s some truly striking imagery throughout. It’s an impressive debut for a new director (Nicolas Pesce)…definitely going on my “see what he does next right away” list. Fans of Ben Wheatley and Peter Strickland, The Witch, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, etc should check it out.


Is this the right thread for this ;)



Here’s the trailer for A Ghost Story from A24:



Is it a horror movie? The existential question! From a little bit of reading about it - I want to stress it was a little bit - I’m not sure it qualifies under any definition. Although it looks interesting.


Just finished The Devil’s Candy. Pretty impressive follow-up to The Loved Ones. Beautifully framed and shot. Excellent lead acting from (a fucking shredded) Ethan Embry, Pruitt Taylor Vince as the (what else) creepy stalker and nice cameos from a super-Satanic Tony Amendola and Leland Orser. Some fairly intense sequences, especially the third act which really goes for it. Recommended, especially for fans of devil movies.


Added A Dark Song.

Rupture got a lot of not good reviews sadly (6/23 at RT).


Rupture is soooooo dumb.



Finally got around to The Void. I was pulling for it the whole way, but it never really quite comes together. I was never sure why I was supposed to care about any of these people. The “Lovecraftian” parts didn’t amount to much other than tentacles. This was more Hellraiser than Lovecraft anyway.

It was good enough, though, that I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel with a slightly bigger budget (and a better writer) flesh out the backstory a little. Clearly they’re angling for one.


Added A Dark Song and Hounds of Love, as per suggestion elsewhere. Both are available now via Amazon, FWIW.