2017 Horror Roundup Thread


I finally got around to seeing The Blackcoat’s Daughter, which I loved. Oz Perkins has a particular style, for sure, so if you hated I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, you won’t like this either. On the other hand, I love the moody slow burn, and so enjoyed it very much.


Checked out Hell House LLC as it was on Amazon Prime. It is a pretty decent found footage movie with some good creepy parts. Usually I fast forward through most random horror movies I find on Prime but I didn’t do that with this one. The movie kept my interest which is high praise considering the quality of the horror selection on Prime.


Ah cool. I’ve added that to our watchlist, thanks.


Subscribed or whatever. I am constantly doing Google searches for “Best horror movies” and I have no idea why I never have come here to look at what Qt3 has recommended. I certainly comb through Tom’s movie reviews. Exclusively why I watched Green Room and The Invitation.

I made it a point to see Get Out in the theater mostly based on limited initial buzz about it being a smart horror film. I was not disappointed. I went opening day. Similarly, I am looking forward to It Comes at Night.

I am in a weird stage in my life where graphic violence is not an issue in the context of a good horror film, but when it is so prominently displayed in advertising/stills, I shy away. I can’t really pinpoint why that is. Maybe there is some upper limit of blood and gore I can tolerate that is often presented in a realistic way that is implied in any preview of the movie I digest. Don’t want this to devolve into a torture porn debate again so I will leave it at that. :) I will say Raw looks amazing, but I think it may be on that avoid list despite the universal praise. I know I have done so with several other critically and audience acclaimed horror movies (Haute Tension and Old Boy among others) even though I have been assured they are “not that bad”. Seems like too much for my unpredictably finicky old man tastes.

Anyways, don’t get to the theater as much as I would like so maybe I really need to go back to the 2016 thread (EDIT: Which I had actually posted in last year. old man brain) and see what the streaming services now have available. Definitely will watch A Dark Song sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the summaries @peacedog!!


It Comes at Night has had positive reviews from Vox, GQ and The Rolling Stone. None of which I read other than the headlines. Those are the ones that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. I have not actually searched out any reviews. I rarely see opening weekend films and even more infrequently do i go see horror movies in the theater. However, it worked for Get Out, so I am on a hot streak. I may have to sneak away from work and not tell the family, but I think I am going this afternoon.


I did go and it was terrific. I know it is a thing for me to avoid reviews and previews as with many and most importantly trailers. Mystery/Horror/Thrillers are even more important. I had seen the trailer a month ago and made it a point to look at nothing else as I decided it at least looked good at that time and the early reviews convinced me to go as soon as possible, which, again, a rarely if ever do.

Do the same if you can.

I’ll have spoilery thoughts at some point, but I won’t say a word at this point as I need to digest it.

So good and I, as is apparent, had medium to high expectations going in. :)


Tom loved It Comes at Night so I feel validated in my continued endless praise of the film. I put more thoughts in the thread below without any spoilers whatsoever. I am hard pressed to think of a film that has affected me more. I am sure there are others and the intensity has faded, but I still feel after seeing this, I want every movie to elicit the reactions in me this did. It is difficult and painful, but immensely satisfying when a movie sets out so clearly to do something and succeeds so brilliantly. [/gush]

Front Page action.



Directed by “The Spierig Brothers”


For better or worse, I’ve seen all the SAW movies, so I’ll see this. :)


I vote “for worse”. ;)


I vote worse too. Never saw what got people into the rise of “torture porn” flicks like the Saws and Eli Roth shit.


It Stains the Sand Red

It’s basically It Follows, but with a lone zombie.

Directed by Colin Minihan, 1/2 of The Vicious Brothers.


… or else it gets the hose again, -ed?


Oh, no. Lili Taylor. Why?


Thoughts on Leathreface:

  1. Ok, this is at worst certainly ballpark to the Amityville remake in terms of “the world does not need or want this”. It’s also sort of a double shot because nobody is sitting around going “man, I wish they would do an origin story for Leatherface”.

  2. Cow Mask Man’s plan to trap travelers is dumb. As evidenced by the fact that it nearly gets him killed.

  3. This looks bad.

  4. Lili Taylor deserves better (yes yes she took the script etc), JOE LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

  5. The blood god. I always think it as soon as I see him.


I was waiting on The House on Willow Street and The Devil’s Candy and both are out on Netflix now.

I haven’t watched Willow yet but my son and I watched The Devil’s Candy this past weekend. It was good but I feel like there should have been more to the story. That’s not a bad thing necessarily I just wanted more.


Willow Street was, unfortunately, not that great. I really wanted to like it, but the story was underserved by some weird choices, and an exposition dump towards the end that was incredibly bad.


I thought Devil’s Candy was an excellent horror movie. Willow Street not so much, I bailed half-way thru


In the “shit I didn’t think I’d ever see mentioned again” category, comes this:


Holy crap, Jeepers Creepers 3 has been in development for a long time. Didn’t think it was ever going to see the light of day.

Don’t actually care either. But hey, go you.