2017: Whither Democrats?

I counted 2 African American men (both on the right in the middle-ish), one guy that might be AA although his face looks more South Asian or Middle-Eastern, 4 or 5 more South Asian guys, one South Asian woman, one East Asian guy and the rest all white people. So under 10 non-whites in that ocean of faces.

“Let me be…‘articulate’ and clear…”


Yeah, I voted for Graham, but I’ll happily vote for him when the time comes.

As WKHE pointed out yesterday, Andrew Gillum gonna drag Bill Nelson across the finish line in Florida, just like everyone predicted back in January. ;D

Any idea where Cruz vs Beto stands right now, on more reliable polls?

A best guess would be Beto down by 4-7 points. But with momentum.

GOP announced that they’re going to absolutely pour money into that race now, which should be a good indicator of what Cruz’s internal polling is saying.

Of course, the Texas GOP’s first salvo in this war was to show a picture of Beto’s album cover with his band back in the day, and suggest that Beto might be too busy “with a gig” to debate Ted Cruz.

Message actually sent: the Democratic candidate is pretty goddamn cool, and like most Texans only wants to talk to Ted Cruz when that’s absolutely necessary. Thanks Texas GOP!

After seeing him speak, I can’t imagine he’d do anything but make mincemeat out of Cruz in a debate. Now whether or not that would sway the vote in November, who knows? Would be a great upset for the country if he’s able to beat him though.

In response to the pics of Beto in a band, someone found a picture from Ted Cruz’s high school yearbook:

But everyone loves mimes, right? They’re not at all creepy, somewhat like Ted Cruz?

But have you seen Cruz’ glorious portrayal of a mime? That’s worth at least 10 points for cruz right there.

Yeah, that’s a good strategy by the TX GOP. It’ll definitely secure the Gen X vote for Beto. Though I can’t vote in TX, it has inspired me to pull out my James CDs.

The ratio on that tweet is absolutely spectacular.

Last poll showed beto down 1, and I’d bet if the election were held today, Cruz would win by a 1-2 point margin.

To have a ratio, wouldn’t that tweet need at least one pro-Cruz reply? What a slaughter.

Looks like Cruz has Beto beat on the band-front.

He’s running …

OK, that’s funny. Since he’s wearing slacks and regular shoes, a staged photo op no doubt. Still, the man looks damned good for 75, especially after all he’s been through. BTW, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him. One hell of a nice guy.

I liked Ted Cruz in that episode of The Office where he cuts the face off the CPR dummy and wears it like a mask.