2017: Whither Democrats?


I mean, the RNC has happily gone along with him now that he’s elected, but they very much were trying to get an establishment candidate elected.

The RNC ended up screwing themselves by a rules change they made in 2012. Basically, they wanted the front runner early to look really impressive so they added a cutoff where a lot of States had proportional delegates awarded unless the winner was over something like 35% and then they would get 100%. This backfired on them when Trump was able to come in and get well under half the primary vote in a lot of states and take way more of the delegates. They were trying to cook the books for an establishment candidate and it backfired.


Andrew Sullivan, Log Cabin Drama Queen, freaks out about next week’s election in Virginia




I’m starting to think Gillespie is going to win, too.


That’s a pretty good freak out though, thanks for the link.

Democrats really do need to figure out if what they stand for really is a defense of the status quo or not. Much of their anti-Republican policies really amount to not doing what Republicans are doing. And they are going to have to grapple with whether they really want flyover country white voters or not… and it seems like the answer is not, because they aren’t interested in creating policies that appeal to them, or seem to do so condescendingly and begrudgingly.

Don’t we have some Virginia posters here? What are their thoughts on the election?


At this point, I think that the message the Dems need to make is that they have plans that will make the country better, and they need to present that vision of the BETTER world.

That’s what I think the majority of voters who don’t support Trump want to hear. They hate Trump… they don’t need to have those fears stoked any more I don’t think.

They want to see a way out of this mess.


They already have plans and proposals but the media doesn’t cover it. For the lazy beltway pundits its just easier to repeat the pablum that Democrats don’t stand for anything (edit: also fits nicely into the “both sides!” narrative.)



(Each of these has topics with more information.)


Even if they stood for literally nothing else, the fact that Democrats a) don’t court white supremacists, and b) believe the degradation of the one habitable planet in the known universe is a problem, would be enough for me.

But anyhoo.


Lol the ad linked in that article, holy shit.

At least the democrats are finally fighting back!






Donna Brazile might have exaggerated Clinton’s “secret takeover.” Of course that doesn’t matter now. The DNC used their mystical powers and Killary probably threatened to murder people if they vote for Sanders.

The Democratic National Committee struck a deal with Hillary Clinton in 2015 that gave her campaign input on some party hiring and spending decisions, but required they be related only to preparations for the general election, according to a memo obtained by NBC News. It also left the door open for other candidates to make similar arrangements.

Edit: LOL


What happened to Sanders is no worse than what happened in the 1992 Republican primary to Patrick Buchanan. The GOP party elites, including the RNC chair, openly supported George HW Bush.

Of course that pissed off Buchanan, but that’s how it goes. Nobody seriously suggested that the primary was “rigged” or that Bush ought to be “locked up”. Because everyone understood that politics isn’t beanbag.


I’d say that’s one thing, but some of the stuff that happened to Bernie went beyond that- I don’t think they rigged debate questions.

I fully expected the Superdelegates to line up behind Hillary, that’s tolerable- and that’s a failsafe against another Carter (that’s why superdelegates are a thing- it was a reaction to Carter)- but I think some actual cheating went on. I don’t think the result would have swung on a fair election (this is where I differ from the radicalized Bernie supporters)


It might have… if Bernie had gotten remotely close. He didn’t.


So after all this, you think Brazile was telling the truth when she said she got the debate questions in advance, and wasn’t just being a self-aggrandizing blowhard making an obvious suggestion?


Socialism is popular in largely homogeneous countries (not saying they’re racist) that are mostly White too. Or Oregon, which originally had “No Blacks!” in its state charter.


Democrats are about to take over the Washington state legislature on Tuesday. Same in NJ. In Maine, they can vote Medicaid expansion into law.

VAGOV, and Ralph Northam’s terrible campaign will be in the crosshairs on Tuesday, but there’s important other stuff going on, too.

Justin Fairfax winning Lt. Gov in Virginia is part of that. Hopefully.


Everything I’m seeing on Twitter points to a Gillespie win. Do you share that pessimism? Northam sounds a lot like Martha Coakley, but still there’s going to be no way to sugarcoat a Democratic loss here.


It’s going to be super-tight, and it really never needed to be.