2017: Whither Democrats?


Who’s the dude in the cowboy hat?


He is 50% of Trump’s black voters, sheriff David Clarke (the other 50% is Ben Carson).


She can go away at any time now.


How did such a loony make it that high in the Democratic party?


One of the most insane people on the planet. Also kills babies and inmates in his spare time.
When he isn’t trying to start fights with women in the street.
I’m not joking about any of that.


Honestly, it’ll be interesting to see how the DSCC and DNC play things with Doug Jones now.

Two schools of thought: Roy Moore is totally beat-able, so you pour money in there. (Drawback: Roy Moore may not be beatable, because this is Alabama we’re talking about.)

Other side: Roy Moore is totally beat-able…in a special election being held on an odd Tuesday in December when turnout may be low in rural areas. Best to let Doug Jones do his thing and see if he can steal this. (Drawback: Moore may finally ramp up ads in Alabama, and you’d hate to see Jones lose because he can’t match him.)

I mean, both approaches have merit. You’d hate to go all in on Jones and nationalize the race. Saw what happened in Georgia with Ossoff. The nationalization of that race basically energized both sides, and if both sides are energized in the Georgia 6th, just like Alabama statewide…that’s gonna end up leading to defeat.

The conventional wisdom here is that a low turnout favors Jones, that only Democrats in Alabama will be gassed up for this and that might be enough to eke a win.

But now take a look at the flipside. Alabama isn’t all rural, and Roy Moore isn’t that popular outside his core constituency of crazies, even among Republicans there. So the other strategy might be to go big in Alabama, and make Roy Moore own his own lunacy and write that in big letters there. Make him as famous as possible in the hopes that the more exposure he gets, the less palatable he becomes.

It looks like what will happen is that the DNC and DSCC will funnel money into the state party there – way more than they normally would, and try to make it so that Doug Jones has the money he needs to keep clubbing Roy Moore in ads…but without nationalizing that race.

Going to be interesting to watch.


The tweet content too:


How long until she joins Fox News?


Completely non-scientific anecdata:

As a liberal living in Alabama, I’m used to spitting in the wind when it comes to calling out the GOP craziness around me. So color me surprised to see Doug Jones signs in a whole lot of yards in my neighborhood. My neighborhood which is predominantly white and elderly.

In fact, it’s smack dab in the middle of the section labeled ‘Casual Racism’ in this map.

It does give me a smidgeon of optimism; you can be sure I’ll be voting on Dec 12th.


Guessing tonight might be an audition. Her show with Seb Gorka gonna be lit.


Brazile’s resume is just hilariously bad.

Ran Jesse Jackson’s '84 campaign, and when that ran out of steam, she took over and ran the '84 general election campaign for Mondale/Ferraro.

Then she ran Dick Gephardt’s '88 campaign, and when he ran out of money and dropped out, she was tabbed by Dukakis to run his general election campaign.

And then in '99, Al Gore had her run HIS general election campaign in 2000.

I mean, sweet jesus. All credit to her for getting back up again after being knocked down a few times, but damn. At some point maybe you look at your chosen vocation and think: “There’s a reasonable chance I’m not very good at this.”


Socialist hellhole Minneapolis just walked away from the brink of suicidal identity politics and elected a fairly milquetoast white guy mayor. He has a good reputation from his previous career in politics (one term on the Minneapolis city council) and felt a lot like a compromise / center-left candidate in a city where all five serious mayoral candidates claimed to be part of the Democratic party.

In other news, this interactive bit by the local fishwrapper is a really cool breakdown of our ranked voting system.


Pretty neat. I feel like the only way that we’re likely to get ranked voting in the US is for enough states to implement it, and a generation to grow up with it such that it seems bizarre not to have it.


Seriously, she worked her ass off. For the Democratic party for decades. She was always seemingly competent, and did things to help the party.

No idea what led to this recent craziness.


Time to cash in. Sell some books, maybe book a regular cable gig.


I think she just needs the money. Nobody is going to read a book or offer a commenting chair to an ex-DNC staffer unless they generate some buzz.


The DNC fired her for leaking questions to Clinton.


Wasn’t this CNN?




Bob Goodlatte, the chair of the House Judiciary committee is retiring. That’s another biggie leaving.

Probably won’t be a super-huge target – it’s Appalachian Virginia; Roanoke, Staunton, Harrisonburg and Lynchburg, the home of Liberty University – but there’s at least a shot.