2017: Whither Democrats?


Doug Jones maybe? It’s AL so, who knows?


We may be about to learn whom Alabamans hate more – Liberals or Pedophiles. Place your bets?


I’m gonna say liberals.


Pretty sure being a pedophile makes you a liberal, no?


I’m pretty sure they’re used as interchangeable synonyms.


The child molestation complaints against Roy Moore might make going in a bit more of an alternative.

That said, the fact that this is a special election- the Dems want to keep the race local. They know folks don’t like the Democratic party, but do like individual Democrats. Some Dems think Ossoff lost because the race got nationalized.

BTW working your ass off and being competent will help you win a good bit- locally in the city council race, a Dem won our seat despite a long-time incumbent who was fairly popular in a ward that is R+10.


Only if you lose your election.


Like POWs, Trump prefers pedophiles that don’t get caught?


It’s funny because it’s true. Seriously, I would bet that is exactly correct.



Looks like the party mainstream is getting on board the Doug Jones train. Good.


I keep reading the name and thinking of this guy:


And I keep wondering where he finds the time to be Saru in Star Trek: Discovery AND run for office.


This is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever his name comes up:



I still need to see that. For me it’s:



He nearly won in an extremely GOP leaning district?


Right now Jones is looking like he’d nearly win. Nearly win is not win.

I’d definitely funnel money, but I’d try to stay quiet about it. The Dem brand is really toxic in Alabama.


This feels like a mistake waiting to happen.


I’ve seen rumors on that from time to time and agree it would be a mistake. I still think he’s just looking for a kingmaker role. That said, I think he would have beat Trump handily had he garnered the nomination, but the Democrats need to move on from the old guard.


I mean, he’ll be like 77 in 2020. Just too damn old to be starting a presidential term, sadly.