2017: Whither Democrats?


Not concerned he’ll win, and if he splits the establishment Dem vote I’m for it.


Yes. But his polling remained flat post-runoff, despite the spending on his side, because the Democratic enthusiasm pouring into the race was matched by the Republican enthusiasm. And in a red-leaning district, voter enthusiasm may not benefit a Democrat so much.


Maybe he just wants to be Vice President again.


Now THAT I could get behind.


If nothing else it would bring back The Onion’s awesome series of Diamond Joe Biden white trash in the White House stories and I’m very in support of that.


I’ll be seeing Joe speak in Nantucket the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’ll let y’all know if it feels like a presidential campaign rally or if he’s just standing outside shirtless washing his Trans Am.


Biden should pretend to run for like 2.5 years so the GOP hate machine can spend all that time conditioning their followers that he’s the anti-Christ and then the Dems can swap in a real candidate closer to the election.


I’m in favor of that. On that same note, Obama should run for senate in Missippi! Just to see all the GOP money get sucked up.


I truly believe one of the things that will help the Democrats in the 2018 midterms is if there’s no boogeyman for the GOP to rally its forces against. Pelosi and Schumer just don’t seem to get the same traction.


Pelosi kind of does. She was Gingrich’s boogeyman.

Schumer less so.


I know this is the Democratic thread, but if Kevin Spacey or LouisCK want to make a combat, they should run in 2018 as Republican senators.


Saturday Night Live did a pretty good job of summing up all my nightmares for how 2018 could go wrong.


A local elected official, Atlantic County Freeholder John L. Carman, had posted a meme on Facebook the day of the Women’s March, showing a woman stirring a pot over a kitchen stove.

“Just asking?” Carman wrote above the meme, which said: “Will the woman’s protest be over in time for them to cook dinner?”

She campaigned for her first race ever, running as the youngest candidate on the county ticket. And on Tuesday night, she won. Bennett unseated Carman, a 58-year-old Republican elected in 2014 who has held various positions in local government for two decades. She beat him as a Democratic challenger in a Republican stronghold, winning by nearly 1,000 votes out of the 14,000 cast for the seat
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Oklahoma state senate pickup.




Wow, that sure cuts right to the point. Hope his opponent hasn’t done anything stupid in the past that Wikileaks will put out there.