2017: Whither Democrats?


and Al Franken is done:

Already admitted. Most people on the left are calling for his immediate resignation. I think not running for re-election is enough, but I’m in the minority on that.


That’s really disappointing. For all the good work he’s done in the Senate and USO… yeah, maybe he should resign.


Great legislator, but he’s gotta go. This shit has to stop.


God damnit.


At the end of this, it’s gonna end up being where only women are left in the senate.


I’m down with that.


Yeah, that sounds pretty damn good to me. Seems like just about all the men are, at best, borderline sociopaths. Let the women have a shot.


53 Michelle Bachmans because Americans are still terrible and vote for evil.


We could elect Roy Moore’s wife and Louise Linton as well.


In the grim far future hellscape of 2018, only Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyann Conway are allowed to speak.


Like, regular speak, or Ace Ventura-esque talking with their vaginas kind of speak?

Trying to parse just how grim this future really is.


Well, speak was the closest English language word to approximate what happens when either of them opens the cracked, fetid maw of their stitched together skinsuit to allow an eldritch cavalcade of horrific insanity to come spilling out of the infinite dark chaotic dimensions their true forms exist in.


We live in the bleak future the 80s warned us about. We’ve governed by corporations and wealthy oligarchs, and nothing can save us because all the kids like like Tweetbooking their Instafaces and forgot about rock and roll.


Not seeing the downside.


Can I get some ranch for this word salad?


Just focus on keeping the cheese on your cracker and leave us to our shitposting.


dying rn


Controls the purse strings for the biggest Democratic super pac.



How not to answer.