2017: Whither Democrats?


This is exactly what Democrats need to be doing right now. Mobilizing scientists, educators and leaders from the tech, research, medical and environmental fields to run for state senate seats, governorships and Congress. I would vote for Jess Phoenix in a heartbeat if I lived in California because she’s smart, dedicated and motivated by a concern for the environment, education and the betterment of all Americans, not just her donors. She’s also cute as a button, not that it has any bearing on her ability to be an effective member of congress, but it does give her an edge over Mitch McConnell. ;-)


I’ve been following her on Twitter and she’s pretty cool. Plus, how awesome is it that she’s a vulcanologist with the last name Phoenix!


She does seem to be pretty fired up.


Trekkers versus fascist pedophiles.

Hmm, I think I know which side of that divide I want to be on…


(Make America Get More Accountable)?


Make America Great for More Americans?



Let America Victory Again

Okay, not my best.



Force America to Stop Oligarchies!


DJT just sort of randomly tweets out ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!’…are we sure he’s not a bot, like more than 50% of his twitter followers?


BFAA: “Better For All Americans”


It’s not much, but it’s something.


Last night was the biyearly (as in, every two years) “reorganization” of our district-level Democrat committee – the lowest recognized level of the DNC. Membership fees come due (they are pro-rated the first time you sign up), and the committee officers are elected.

Two years ago, the group had a membership of about 27 people. It swelled to around 80 after the 2016 elections. This year, about 75 of those folks re-upped their dues and another 27 signed up new, putting us over 100 for the first time in the district’s history.

The Dem “energy” does not seem to be abating, at least here in Virginia.

Oh, and I am now officially an “officer” of the Democrats. In a secret ceremony after the vote was held, I donned the heavy robes of office and sliced my hand open while chanting the secret verses from a forbidden Indigo Girls album. As the blood dripped on the Atheist Bible, I swore to uphold the Gay Agenda, confiscate all the guns I can find from honest Real Americans, give free money to “inner city types”, and personally perform no fewer than seven late-term abortions.


I like your post and feel the need to express this by replying45



Mr Wisdom, I think you’ve just sunk your future political career!



Could you let me know what it is? Please? I love the Indigo Girls.


Phil Bredesen is IN for the senate seat being vacated by Bob Corker.

That just made that race one to watch. I mean, no mistake, Bredesen is more likely to lose than win…but if any Democrat in the state has a chance, it’s him.

Big recruit.




Don’t kneejerk to the headline. Read the article. It’s thoughtful and based in history and while there are pieces here and there I may not fully buy into, I think the general outline and conclusion is good.