2017: Whither Democrats?



What did he do?


Or ‘Whom’?


Article doesn’t even specify.


It was not immediately clear why Franks was resigning. The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call first reported the news.


Damn, it’s gotta be awesome.


Maybe he’s going into the ministry?


He’s going to Priest School!


Apparently a sex scandal, but it’s weird. Party is about to elect Roy Moore and did elect Donald Trump. I mean, a sex scandal is probably just fine, right?


Yeah, it’s gotta be a doozy.


Maybe there are pictures.


Alternately, maybe he’s a sacrificial molester: the GOP figures that if they get 1 resignation on the books, that indemnifies the party from anybody else resigning, because they’ve already “handled it”.

Too cynical?


If it was before 11/8/2016, I’d likely have said yes. Now, not at all.


That implies that any of these men are dedicated to anything enough that they would sacrifice THEMSELVES for the party.


Well, “sacrifice”, which could mean a 6 month vacation then cushy job from some party crony.


I’m thinking that he did something which is like… Illegal.


I suppose it could just be a good old live boy/dead girl situation. Even today, I think that rule still stands.


Franks is pretty anti-abortion, isn’t he?. Maybe there’s evidence he pressured a girlfriend to get one.

Anyway, his district is reliably Republican. If there’s someone less-qualified to serve than Franks, that’s who they’ll elect.


If a republican is resigning because of a sex scandal it is because it was with the same gender.


He may have gotten one of his aides pregnant.