2017: Whither Democrats?


Check that Politico article again now.

an inquiry regarding my discussion of surrogacy with two previous female subordinates, making each feel uncomfortable

I can’t wait to hear what the hell this really means. I am pretty shocked that it’s women and not boys.


There’s just no way he resigned so instantly just bad on the story hrs saying.

Something way, way worse went down.


So a guy asking women that work for him to carry his baby? That’s… awkward and weird and… not something I’d expect a GOP member to resign over, even if it is also inappropriate to do.


Agreed. I wonder if the story supposedly being worked on about sexual harassment in Congress has something pretty bad on him.


There’s got to be something. Discussing surrogacy doesn’t seem like a scandal. Trying to force subordinate could be. An abortion by an anti-abortion preacher is also another one. This doesn’t make sense. I also don’t think him resigning means suddenly people won’t look into it.


That would be strange for a Republican…


asking female staffers to be surrogate mothers is what I’m seeing.

While Roy Moore is getting away is pedophilia in Alabama, you wouldn’t get away with it in most states- it’s more of a Deep South thing.


Perhaps, in Frank’s version of surrogacy, he wanted to impregnate both staffers personally.


This feels like the most likely scenario. Which means he tried to fuck his his interns and he’s justifying it with “surrogacy”.

I love right wing excuses. Cheating on your wife = “surrogacy”.


All is as it should be in the Republic of Gilead.


This might actually be the case. All the articles keep saying he did surrogacy the pro-life way. And when I read the issue pro-lifers have with surrogacy… I am not sure how anyone could afford to do it their way. Essentially to do so this you have to fertilize several eggs, get them in uterus and hope one sticks. The problem is more than one might or sometimes none at all might do that. If more than one does you have to remove them or wind up with a lot of babies… and pro-life beliefs basically all life is at fertilization.

but it’s impractical to do this one egg at a time. Surrogacy is not cheap. It might not be cheating on your wife if she knew and wanted a baby but having sex with other women while married from a group that has so many hard line rules…

Well if by surrogacy discussions he actually meant running around the office asking a bunch of women if he could have unprotected sex with them so he and his wife could have a baby… ummm.l…


I’d put money on this.


I’d honestly never put that together. This makes total sense.


If that is what he did, his children’s mother are not the mother they know. He might be resigning to protect his children.

It goes without saying, I have no facts to really validate it. It’s based on the idea that a GOP member making inappropriate rermarks to office ladies has not been enough to make any of them resign, and this claim about doing surrogacy the pro-life way sounds… odd, and non one is releasing the story. If it’s for the children, once he resigns maybe he hopes they’ll drop it.


Shouldn’t “doing surrogacy the pro-life way” simply be adopting a baby whose at-risk mother might have otherwise chosen to abort it? I mean, you get a baby, the mother never has to live with any guilt or regrets in regards to abortion, and the baby is “rescued” in the eyes of your right-leaning constituents. Everybody wins.

Although I suppose the odds of said baby being lily-white are considerably less with that option, and it doesn’t feature sleeping with your young attractive co-workers as part of the plan either…so yeah.

It still seems like an awfully odd thing for a Republican congressman to resign over. Maybe it’s some weird ploy to play a sympathy/persecution card along the lines of “Look at how insane these Libtards have become! Poor congressman Franks is being run out of office because he and his poor wife were just exploring alternative ways of being blessed with a child they couldn’t conceive on their own. Jesus is surely testing them!”


I’ve never understood why Pro-Life individuals don’t adopt children and babies by the drove. It’s never made sens to me. Then again, denying children healthcare doesn’t make sense to me either.


Because they lack an internally self-consistent worldview, and because that would require personal sacrifice. There, now you understand.


Even if the surrogacy thing involved him trying to bang intend… That wouldn’t have resulted in this guy resigning with such immediacy.

This dude did illegal shit. He is gonna end up in jail.


I’m neck deep in the adoption world at the moment, and I’d say that it’s probably (almost certainly) because of some incorrect notions around the “types” of children that they think they might wind up with.

We get this with my mom. We have in our paperwork that we’d be okay with adopting a child with risk of mental or behavioral issues, or if the mother had had alcohol in the first trimester. Why? Because children we have on our own would be at risk of those things. But when we told that to my mom, she said something to the effect of “Well, you guys aren’t so desperate that you’d take just any baby.” Which is fucked up.

To some people, adoption is like shopping, and why settle for anything less than a genetically perfect Adonis who’s going to do well in school and probably never get cancer?

Sorry for being a little ranty.

Also, some people make a really big deal of their children being biologically their own. To carry on the bloodline or whatever. I don’t understand it, but I run into it a lot.


100% agreement. Conservative Christians never made a whole lot of sense to me to begin with, but over the past couple of years I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re simply insane and I should stop trying to figure them out.

EDIT : Took out paragraph that upon review might be offensive to people, though definitely not my intent.