2017: Whither Democrats?

It was incredibly obvious in 2015 and 2016 that the GOP didn’t want Trump as the nominee. Despite that, he became the nominee. This suggests to me that it is not so easy as you make out to prevent the voters from picking the dick they want.

Clearly we need more smoky backrooms in our politics.

There is a difference between what the party can to do and what it chooses to do to affect the outcome.

In 2016, the Republican primary rules were put in place to ensure that Republican rapidly consolidated support behind the leader in order to avoid a long, bitter primary battle. Instead of reserving lots of delegate for party power players, the extra delegate got allocated to the winner of primary so Trump wracked an impressived delegate lead while only getting a minority of the votes in the early primaries.

In 2016, Democrat primary were put in place for God knows what reasons. But clearly one of the impact of the rules was that in the event of a close election the super delegates could pick the winners.

It is worth noting that primary rules generally are put in place starting right about now, after mid-terms. It is difficult to change the rules during the primaries.

Superdelegates were recommended by the Hunt Commission in 1982 in response to McGovern’s 1972 and Carter’s 1980 landslide defeats. They were first implemented in 1984. They have never been consequential in any primary election.

He was hired as a temporary elections supervisor while local officials looked for a permanent hire. This is a pretty Democratic part of Georgia (Clinton took 55% of the vote), and I suspect they were as surprised as anyone when he hatched his ugly plan.

Well that’s a consultant. Like someone else pointed out above, people who work with consultants should have a general idea on how to use them. So someone was either checking their work and making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, what they were hired to do, and knew exactly what they were doing, or they’re incompetent.

DNC confirmed that they’re stripping the power of Superdelegates in 2020.

Michael Avenatti rubs his hands gleefully.

Technically they’re only stripping super-delegates of their vote on the first ballot. If there’s a second ballot they’ll still play a role.

I’m reading a book about the election of 1860. I’m in the middle of the descriptions of the (four!) conventions, so when I heard about the rules change part of my brain was all “The first ballot is meaningless! It’s just so that state delegates can cast symbolic votes for their favorite sons!”

(But ignore me; things have changed since Lincoln’s day. There hasn’t been a second ballot in a presidential convention since 1952. This rules change effectively makes super-delegates irrelevant to the nomination unless there’s a wide open multi-contender race.)

The Wigwam is gonna be so lit.

Well, we’re done for Tuesday. Internet has been won.

I don’t understand this picture. Is that guy a nazi? Who is the woman?

American Idol Season 5. She was the runner up. The winner was that guy in the picture.

Since Idol, she’s had music hits, ongoing record contracts, and a career as an actress take off.

Taylor Hicks, meanwhile, seems like a collective moment of reality television viewing insanity.

The best was when Howard Stern got his viewers to keep that one terrible kid on the show for weeks and weeks, through the “Vote 4 the Worst” movement.

Oh shit Katherine McPhee! That’s the girl Eric the Actor was obsessed with.

God I miss Eric. I loved that bitter little guy.

If only he had agreed to let them fly him with balloons.

BIG win for the progressive wing of the party in the FL-GOV primary, where Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum beats former congresswoman Gwen Graham in a pretty massive upset.

Oh, and voter turnout in 2018 D primary in Florida might be a new record.


A good friend of mine who moved to FL this year has been going pretty hard on the Gillum train the last couple-few months and has been doing some light volunteering, IIRC. I’m pretty excited for this win :-D

Gillum has a puncher’s chance in the general, too.

Donna Shalala wins her primary in FL-27.