2017: Whither Democrats?


I believe, the consensus of legal scholars is as long as one of your parents was a US citizen when you were born, you can become President, no matter where your were born . For example Winston Churchill, could have become president, as could have Obama even if he was born in Kenya. OR if you were born in the US (not well defined what that means) you are eligible to become president, no matter the citizenship of your parents.

However, Stephanie Murphy doesn’t qualify under either of these tests.


He was also a Republican, and Republicans are enormous hypocrites. Expect them to do anything at all to try and sink the Democratic candidate regardless of facts, law, or morality. Iti s how they operate. It is how they always operate. Because they are uniformly terrible people who we should spit on rather than recognize as equals :)

I am very angry today!


I should have clarified who I thought was being referenced, Tammy Duckworth.


Oh Tammy can become President. Unless sanity prevails and the Republicans nominated a Huntsman or Kasich, I’d happily vote for the woman. She is definitely in the top 5 folks I’d like to see them nominate.


Minority first term US Senator from Illinois? That would never work!


She is also biracial and grew up in Hawaii, definitely never would work. I thought she had served 2 more years than she did. Actually, I think she’d be a better candidate in 2024 or 2028.


McCain was born in Panama.


She did serve two terms in the US House of Representatives though. Which IMHO is more important/relevant than Obama’s pre-US Senator experience as a member of the Illinois State Senate.

If she were elected in 2020, she would have 4 years as a US Senator and 4 years as a US Congresswoman (+ experience in US Military and Veterans Affairs both at the Federal Level and State Level) vs. Obama’s 8 years as a US Senator + 7 years as an Illinois State Senator (+ Community Organizer experience).

I think she actually comes out on top in terms of relevant experience.


I totally understand that your politics are very different than my own, but I still think it’s the height of foolishness to believe that even a Noted Moderate like Kasich is going to result in anything but the same failed and immoral Republican policy and priorities we’ve had since Nixon.

Kinda like a President Bernie would still get us mostly mainstream Vichy Left garbage, but hey I takes what I can get, I suppose.


I had forgotten about her two terms in Congress, I knew she had been on the national scene longer than 2016. There aren’t many advantages to being wounded in combat but it does make you more memorable.
Actually, Obama only had 4 years in the Senate. IMO Obama would have been been a better President if he had 8 years in the Senate, he was a little too green in Washington to be effective at the legislative process.

When you layout Tammy’s resume in that fashion, it is actually pretty impressive. I went back and looked at her Wiki page, the woman also has a PHd, which started before she was deployed and finished in 2015, while serving in Congress, and a new mom, now that is an accomplishment. Tammy doesn’t have Bush 41 level of governmental experience, but it is well within the range of Presidential candidates. So I take back my objection.


Everyone knows that Republicans get special Constitutional dispensation by God.


Obama was green; Lincoln was greener. However, Lincoln was probably an outlier in terms of someone with so little government experience being an effective president (unless they have equivalent military experience).


Kasich is a Democrat as far as the GOP is considered these days, so it’s a moot point.


Only cranks think that it means you need to be born in the US.

Natural born citizen is meant as the counter to a naturalized citizen. If you are a citizen workout going through the naturalization process, you can be president. Meaning if either parent is a citizen, or you are born in the US.

Some folks might argue otherwise, but they are fringe nuts. No one really cares what they think.


If you had Kasich with a Congress controlled by Democrats, i suspect you would actually have an effective government. He would work with them to actually do the work of governing.


Maybe. Would he work with them to institute tax increases on the wealthy and maybe modest increases on the middle class to help reduce the deficit? Would he do one of the two things that seem impossible to do, work with them to reduce military spending to help reduce the deficit? (The other is the third rail, Social Security.) Would he agree to do what it takes to reduce our national carbon footprint to fight global warming?

I don’t see a Republican actually elected willing to do these kinds of things. Once in office the immediate need becomes to secure the base for re-election. A Republican will secure the Republican base first and foremost.


The problem right now is half the Democrats are on what used to be the right wing. Take this nitwit Schumer, say, who is negotiating for a cheaper border wall for some insane reason. The country needs a strong correction to the left to the point that the GOP is pulled in that direction and becomes something vaguely sane again. As opposed to the way the Dems have generally (with the exception of a few so-called socialists) been pulled to the right for decades now.


This sure is something…

I mean, even if Corsi is just a fringey bit-player in all of this, you can sort of understand the zeal to see him spend a little time behind bars. I’m imagining him trotting out that weird BP metaphor in front of investigators…


I think it’s closer to most the moderates are in the Democrats now, but there were moderate Democrats before, and that isn’t really an issue. If some of the moderate Republicans shifted left instead of jut going Independent, I see no reason to throw them out. That’s a negotiable position, those maybe more conservative voices but that doesn’t mean they hate the climate, women or minorities so much as maybe have concerns about paying for things, making sure regulations don’t strangle all industries, and some other things that does not include screwing over the poor, minorities or women.


Yeah, I mean at the end of the day I’d rather have Ben McAdams represent Utah than Jason fucking Chaffetz or Mia Love. He’s already annoyed me, but he does represent a very conservative state so I can understand if he tacks heavily to the center.