2017: Whither Democrats?


Those are “locker room” photos.

Just like the president bragging about assualting women was “locker room” talk.

Franken was just trying to pal around with the guys, his intent wasn’t assault, just to rile up the guys!


The other big problem with Franken is that for someone like Trump, his supporters are pieces of shit. So, he can be a piece of shit, and it’s fine.

Franken’s trying to appeal to non-pieces of shit.


Meanwhile…Beto apparently met with Barack Obama at the former president’s Washington DC offices, seeking advice/guidance on 2020.


Exactly. Trump could strangle a puppy during the State of the Union Address. Some of his supporters would believe he didn’t do it. Some would think the dog had it coming. The rest would believe both of those things.

Dems have limits they must observe.


I say go for it, Beto.

He’ll raise ungodly amounts of money and Dems are already pretty enthralled by him after taking on Cruz. Obama started with less.


I’m in favor of him running, very much so.


Toot toot beep beep - this bad girl is also ready to ride the Beto train.


I’d be 100% on board with Beto in 2020. He’ll have time to prep for it at least. Beto + a well chosen running mate could really energize the vote and provide some much needed hope. Excellent, eloquent speaker, young, a lot of support in Texas - just need to get the old guard on board or out of the way.


Yes, please. Retroactively undo one of the few, high-profile downsides or disappointments of the midterms and turn it into a positive that he didn’t quite get elected to the senate.

Please focus the cameras on Ted Cruz at the moment the presidential election is called for Beto. That’s a reaction shot I’d very much enjoy.


I’m not sure getting all-in behind the dude that lost is a great strategy, but he seems decent enough.


I mean in fairness, he lost in Texas. Jesus could run as a Dem in Texas and I’d still be wary of betting money on him.


He lost in Texas. The fact that it was even a question that he might win gives him a lot of points.


not to belabor the comparison but


(No, I’m not saying Beto is the equal of Abe Lincoln. Just that these things happen)


Beto raised a ton of money because (imo) Texas Democrats were horrified by Trump, more than enthusiastic about Beto. At least that’s my guess. He had a few good speeches but imo his debate performance wasn’t perfect or wall shattering.

Not to say i’d oppose Beto in any way (he did get my money after all) but i’m honestly not sure how much of his fundraising success had to do with him vs ActBlue.


A fair point. Though Jesus couldn’t win anywhere as anything imo. Maybe Manhattan or LA. Until he started in about pornography or something.

Jesus would say we don’t need a military and should spend all the money on the poor. Which wouldn’t go over with… anyone really. The idea of our response to 9/11 being to turn the other cheek wouldn’t have gone well (Boondocks did a cartoon on it with MLK iirc).


There was one photograph… of him being a comedian… doing something that wasn’t very funny in hindsight. And there was a woman who said he squeezed her side during a photo op. (I’m not minimizing her complaint–that’s what she said.) Franken was in a virtuous circle where the testimony against him would only stick if people thought he was a creep, but the evidence that he was a creep was the testimony against him. Exuent Franken. He was expertly ratfucked.


What we do know, for anyone who believes, is that the person who would get the most likes, the most votes, and do the best politically essentially would be the anti-Christ, no Jesus, so either way yep.


Heard that. I’m still mad. Not least at Franken for putting himself in that position. Goddammit.

Also, I’m trying to find the right joke to make around “proud to be a Beto cuck” but nothing is really landing. Help!


The “cuck” language is gross, even in jest, and I don’t think it works here anything.

If I were designing the t-shirt, I’d probably just go with “Beto Male” with a picture of him.


Beto is a strong choice. The campaign he ran in Texas was great, and made an easy Cruz pickup a difficult race.

Put him in a nationwide race and he boosts Democrats across the ballot. He will easily secure the youth vote, unless he decides to tell us to do Fortnite dances at the polls, or something equally as square.

If that would have been an open seat, Beto could have won. He pulled a lot of blue candidates up with him (including all of the democratic judges in TX). The momentum is strong, he pulls as a moderate, but isn’t out of touch with the liberal side of the democratic party.

It makes sense. He should, at the very least, take part in the primary.