2017: Whither Democrats?


OTOH, this made me chuckle. Or should I say…cuckle.


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Gillum took a meeting with Barack now as well, also said to be thinking about 2020.


Every time I read something like that I think of it as being some audience with the Emperor or the Pope to receive their blessing on pursuing the crown.


I wonder about the wisdom of running candidates who’ve lost against Donald Trump


Beto-Duckworth 2020 or Beto-Brown (Sherrod) 2020 or Beto-Gillum 2020 or some mashup of those would all be a ticket I would be all-in on. What’s needed in 2020 is a mix of youthful charisma and hope together with experience and determination. All of the names above incorporate at least one of those aspects. There are easily a dozen other rising Democratic stars that could also bring those qualities to the table as at least a VP candidate. My only concern there would be political experience. Is someone like Beto really ready to go up against other world leaders, or even GOP Congressional leaders, to win the tough political battles? An experienced Cabinet will make all the difference there.

The last thing I want to see is Warren, Pelosi, Biden, Bernie or Schumer. All are the equivalent of flashing lights that will induce seizures in Conservative/Republican voters and basically unite them in the same way Hillary did while at the same time being either unexciting or downright divisive in their appeal to Democrats, especially younger ones. Warren, Pelosi and Schumer are desperately needed to continue doing exactly what they are doing in Congress, especially if we can elect a Democratic President. I personally love Joe Biden. The man is a Washington legend, and a genuinely good person, and I think he would have made a fantastic President…a decade ago. But he’s simply going to be too old, and while people love him, he doesn’t inspire the same way Obama, Beto, AOC and others in the party inspire. For Biden and Bernie…advisory Cabinet positions would be ideal.

The key to winning in 2020 is to choose a pair of candidates that not only inspire Democrats, especially young people and all those newly registered voters the excellent GOTV campaigns of 2018 and the coming two years bring into the mix, but also don’t automatically incite the opposition the way someone like Pelosi, Warren or Hillary do. We want a Beto, or a Sherrod Brown, or a Tammy Duckworth, someone who has proven mass appeal, not just to Democrats, but to people on the fence and even those who may have voted Republican previously but have come to regret it and are looking for a change.


Why the heck are you slamming Pelosi and Schumer into your nightmare? They have never, ever, indicated a desire to run for President in 2020. There aren’t even rumors about it.

As for me, I plan to embrace the coming Democratic primary clown car. Let a million voices (or a couple dozen, in this case) cry out and the best one win.


I agree on who I think the “right” Democratic candidate would be. I have to say, though, Republicans will absolutely be shrieking in outrage at whichever anti-christ the Democrats nominate, but unlike Hillary Clinton they won’t have had decades of groundwork to build on. I know this is anecdotal but I know many people around here who were appalled by Trump but absolutely could not get themselves to vote for known she-devil Hillary. The sad thing is, all the things they were worried about with her (selling out her country, etc) are being delivered in spades by Trump.

I think there are a large number of conservatives who won’t agree with the Democrats policy positions but can vote for someone not quite so toxic as Hillary as a means to getting rid of Trump. HIllary was just an impossible sell to them because in their minds she was the known snake as opposed to merely the likely snake of Donald Trump.


I wouldn’t count on this. They’fl find another reason. No matter who is put up, the GOP will try and turn them into a snake, and the bulk of their voters will use it as an excuse. They want an excuse. They’ve been trained to find one. And no, I ma not separating conservatives from the GOP. They haven’t proven there is a big difference there, yet. I’ll believe it when I see at the polls.


I mean, they claimed Obama was a Marxist Muslim Kenyan terrorist. What won’t they claim?


Sorry, not slamming them, I actually have a great respect for both, which is why I want them to continue to lead Democrats in the House and Senate. I’m just using them along with others like them as examples of the “old guard” which I do NOT want to see held up as frontrunners for 2020.

Exactly. By running someone like Warren the Dems play right into that same trap. Conservative Media wouldn’t need to do much work at all, they already have vaults full of garbage to recycle about how horrible Warren is for 'Murica. It would be Hillary 2.0 (which is probably the exact headline they’d run with). But as we’ve seen with newer, more charismatic candidates like Beto and AOC, Conservative Media often struggles to not self-own when taking shots, and in many cases end up making the candidate actually look more appealing.

2018 showed me that Democrats are becoming a little bit more election savvy, but they’re not quite where they need to be yet. Anti-Trump sentiment gave them a huge boost this time around, so they need to capitalize on that by fighting even harder in 2020. Democrats need to realize that elections are now won at street level, fighting in the mainstream media, social media and house to house for the hearts and minds of Americans. Handing the opposition a giant stockpile of ammunition is not a great way to start such a battle.


God it has been glorious fun to watch though hasn’t it?

From the AOC creepshots to making fun of Beto for being in a rock band. It has all been great fun.

But the Democrats need to nominate someone less than 50 years old. This person needs to be a veteran, self-made small business owner, woman, person of color, or an all around statesman(woman).

I hate that the Democrats are looking to run another white dude, but fuck if Trump needs to go, and if Beto polls ahead, we have to go with it. He at the very least needs a woman or a person of color as his running mate.


I don’t disagree with the conclusions above, but I will point out that by accepting this, you are ceding the initiative to the GOP. You’re left with all the second-tier candidates that the GOP has decided were NOT worthy of a smear-campaign, or young and inexperienced leaders who should have been red-shirted for a cycle or two.


Why should you care what his ethnicity is? Candidates should run on and be chosen by their merits, not their gender or race.


Hear, hear.


To buttress this a bit, the largest demographic groups – by far – who will be voting in the Democratic primaries in 2020 will be women and persons of color. If you’re a white guy who wins in that milieu, it means you’ve exhibited strong appeal to those groups.


Caveat: I’m not advocating that Warren run or that I’d be any kind of supporter.

But what exactly are these vaults full of garbage? People on this board keep saying these vague general things about Warren but no one ever offers any specifics. It’s maddening.


‘Exeunt’ means ‘everybody exits.’ You would just say ‘Exit Franken.’

Yup, feel free to punch me.


No, I appreciate the correction. I’m sure I’ve seen it used incorrectly elsewhere, which gives me an opportunity to pay the pedantry forward:)


I will not let the GOP dictate who we run. I don’t give a shit what they run on their propaganda machines and if some so-called conservative is still listening to that media, they’re already a lost cause. They’re just fishing for excuses to do the same thing they’ve been doing for years, and they’ll find one because they are desperately still looking.

The Democrats should not listen to the advice from the other party to determine who they run.