2017: Whither Democrats?


Yeah we should not limit the options to veterans just because the GOP likes to go after anyone who is not a veteran… while electing one themselves.

The point is yeah Republican potential smear campaign, no. We put the best forward and weed them out through out process not theirs.


Bah, independents. They don’t exist…at least in the popular sense of the “swing voter”. They’re just partisans who think they’re too smart to be labelled.


I picked Independent when I moved to Florida. Then I found out that they’re Closed Primary here. Oh well.


If that was true one party would always be in control. Yet every 8 years we tend to swap.

Those people are out there and they decide elections.



I mean, sure. they’re out there, but not in large numbers. There are certainly a large group of independents who don’t know anything about politics or current events and don’t really give a shit…but making party decisions based on what a bunch of dummies who are more likely than not to even show up to the polls would be pretty silly.

As always, it’s about who turns out their electorate.


In terms of actual registered voters, there are more Independents than Democrats.


True, I am not registered to either party. However it would be intellectually dishonest to claim I am truly neutral, and equally consider both parties.

I am not intellectually dishonest. I’m just a Democrat who has not officially declared party affiliation because Illinois has open primaries so I had no need.


Guys, let’s make sure to pander to the “undecided voter,” like the ones in this documentary.




People vote for two reasons, A., Because they like the person they are voting for. or B. Because they hate the other person. Often it is a combination of the two.

I was with my sister, BIL and their best friends during the election. They live north of Seattle, upper middle class, recently retired, and live long Republicans. all voted for Trump, fairly informed. They watch more Good Morning America and local news than Fox news

My sister says she cringes every time Trump speaks
My BIL called Trump the biggest narcissist ever
My sister friend said the Trump was an awful role model for her children and was glad her grandchildren were too young to understand.
Her hubby agreed he was was awful, but hey at least the economy was doing well.

If it was Trump vs Hillary again, I’m sure they’d still vote for him in heartbeat.
Same thing with Pelosi, or Sanders

Elizabeth Warren, Kamela Harris, probably but I’n not certain.
Tammy Duckworth or Joe Biden. I’d imagine that at least the women would consider leaving the President ballot ballots because they think Joe is a nice guy, and men as Vietnam vets would respect Tammy’s background.


It’s true, some people lack morality. Still not going to let the GOP determine which candidates the Democrats put forward.


If you’re not a minority non-binary veteran unicorn, GTFO.


I love Bernie, I love Warren, but we can’t put up another 70+ year old candidate. Hillary really failed to energize youth voters. I think Bernie is better for some reason, but I don’t see Elizabeth Warren (HBO Ballers aficionado) will connect with the 18-28 year olds. I think the anti-trumpism seen in the polls in 2018 will help in 2020, but the democratic candidate needs to be night and day different from Trump, so the choice between the 2 is clear. One old racist windbag vs a young hopeful energetic candidate. Worked wonders for Obama.

(not saying they are the same, but we have to think about the people who are 16-20 now, and to them all people over 60 are the same, to some degree)


And if this might be right, but if that’s the decision, it’s a decision not based on what boogeyman spiel the GOP concocts. I also don’t think we should remove anyone from the table until we see who is at the table and how they perform. If Warren wants to throw herself into the ring, fine, do it. If there are better candidates, then again they will move ahead of her based on their merits not some oh god, whatever will we do if the GOP continues to make shit up about everyone they don’t like mantra.


The electability matters. To paraphrase the old Republican slogan, Democrats should nominate the most liberal candidate that will beat Trump.


Beto is charismatic and gets voters excited. I’d love to picky about experience and policy but I’m not sure anything else matters. 2016 destroyed me. I just want Trump to lose to anyone.


Beto would also be a highly sought-after VP pick, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sit it out and try to angle for that. Gillum too. And Abrams.


I mean, the other stuff matters. It can matter a lot.

But it also only matters if you get elected.

And, really, given how things went Obama could have done with more experience too. His lack did hamper his impact at times.


He did not debate well. He has time to learn though if he dedicates himself to it.