2018 Frame Game

Welcome to the all new, all similar 2018 Frame Game!

The rules are simple, post part of a screenshot and give folks some time to take a guess as to what the game might be, and if no one guesses in an amount of time you deem fit, post a follow up guess and rinse and repeat. Remember, you only win if someone guesses the game successfully, but in the spirit of competition don’t make it easy on us! Some of us are freaky good at this, so have fun with it!

Here is the Master List. There is no specific rule against picking a game that’s already on this list, but if you are inclined to bring something new to the table that hasn’t been done before, go here and do a Control+F to search and see if you have a repeat.

And without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Aven Colony?

Freeaky good, like I said. Congrats! You are up!

Yeah , I’ve been staring at that grass and treeline for a good part of the week. :)

Ok here is one very fitting for this week and the new year thread!

Uh… Batman: Arkham Origins?


Correct, it is Batman Arkham Origins, one of my favorites. :)

For all its faults, it’s also a personal favorite in some ways. :)

Well, everyone, I don’t think I’ll be able to post a new frame today (about to “leave” for New Year celebrations), but I’ll post a new frame as soon as I can next year. Have fun with your celebrations and see you soon enough!

@rhamorim don’t forget! ;)

I didn’t!

This is a bit of a tricky one, perhaps. No GUI in this shot, so that’s the hint.

Final Fantasy X?

A very late Kingdom New Lands stage where the pixel trees become JRPG fantasy woods.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

I’m very impressed with one of the guesses above, but no one got it exactly right yet. Second frame:

That might be Yuna’s dress there, jumping on the FF bandwagon I’ll hazard a guess at FFX-2

Xenoblade Chronicles… X?

Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that’s her “wand,” too. Think you may have it!

So close and yet so far… the guesses have been great, but no correct guess… yet.

New frame:

Oh frikkin A. These poor people nailed that it was Yuna but what is this? Oh, it’s chibi Yuna. Because the FF peeps made a weird FF game. LOL (NO VOTE here although it was easy enough to google)