2018 Frame Game


I really like that guess, but no.

Now we’re talking.

It is indeed Brigador, which is not only a pretty cool and fun game, but one of the very rare games in which, in the in-game Universe, Portuguese is spoken and used to name most things. For me it feels a bit like the use of Chinese in Firefly - in the sense that, even if it’s not the primary language spoken, it’s still everywhere. Even the title is a rarely used Portuguese word for “fighter” or “wrestler”. And it just got an update that fans have been waiting for, so I thought this was a good time to pick it.

Your turn, @Left_Empty. Make me proud. ;)


Well, might be a bit obscure so I’ll say this one wasn’t released in the United States, as far as I know.


I am gonna guess an Anime fighter game, of which I know none.

So umm… is it HuniePop?


Wait, what? :D


I’d be lying saying it isn’t, but it’d be misleading to say it is!


Some sort of Final Fantasy Chocobo cage match, obviously.


For the gourmand.


Mickey in whatever world?

Edit I couldn’t remember the name of the game I’m thinking off, but looking at a list of Mickey games the nearest gamename is ‘World of Illusion’ so I’ll go with that.


There is a disney quality to the art but it’s not American.



Final Fantasy XIIIVI: Street Fighter


So, basically asking someone to google “Gradriel” and get this over with? Because it’s definitely the top result. :)


Well I’m not doing that, but I’ll make a guess based on the clues.

Definitely Japanese. Reminds me of a Tales game, or of Altus or something. Either Sega Genesis, or perhaps PS1 era (perhaps even portable from later, but I’m thinking PS1).

So I’ll guess Tales of Eternia.


The game has a heck of a lot of hearts in it.


Problem is that was released in North America, and his only clue was it was only released in JP. So any guess I make will either be a nonsense guess like @Pod or a cheating one with Google Image lookup. Kind of a bummer. But I’m sure someone probably knows it!


You don’t need an image lookup, just use the word on the screen.

LOL, I love these forum games, but they have a real problem with implementation. And it’s no one’s “fault”, it’s the dynamics of the games themselves.


It’s probably just a “me” thing, but the words don’t themselves mean anything to me.


They don’t really need to mean anything. :P


I think GIS is sort of considered “cheating” though, so it’s more fun if someone actually just knows the game. Tough in cases like this though, I think.


Google Image search is definitely cheating. I’m not suggesting ever using that. I’m sorry I’m not making this more clear. No GIS. The posts above are all about “normal” google text searches.

In fact, I’m not even suggesting that you should use google (I mean text search here) to search for content (text or otherwise) in the images. But it’s a weird line. In the movie game thread, sometimes it’s essentially cheating to search for an actor you recognize in a movie you’ve never seen. And then place the setting or whatever to figure out the movie. But if you vaguely remember the movie and it’s on the tip of your tongue? Maybe imdb is ok. Maybe. Everyone draws their line somewhere different.